It was a long time ago. I had just entered the Institute, and moved from his native PGT in the "big city." "Prescribe" I have my mother's younger sister. She was 7 years younger than my mother. She lived with her husband, though the children have not kleilos. In general, with regard to the lives, of being the one here everything was great. We lived in a two bedroom apartment and one of the rooms was always at my disposal.

In terms of relationships, the first course - it was the first course. The eternal pursuit of girls, going to the cinema, and cafes, and as a result - continuous breakup. At the same time, I became friends with two fellow students - a strong and podkachennym Gosha Cute and Roma. The guys were local, but good-natured, and without pretensions, so we quickly found a common language. We always found the general classes - the games, the partying the night before, online, girls.

With regards to my aunt Lena, it was occupied by a woman constantly disappeared at work. Her husband was also a hard worker, he worked in the office, often for a long time left. The relationship they have, I think, were cold. Sex have been rare, even with such a long separation. I do not know what there they kleilos, but it seemed to me that they do not fuck. All the time that I lived with them, once I remember when late at night from a neighboring room came the groans bright Lena. It was all very personal, even though a couple of extra pounds, she looked sexy, but of course! Brunette, with a pretty face, beautiful eyelashes and a good-natured smile. The figure she was great, in spite of the light body, she had a beautiful waist, big ass, and that is not unimportant - she had a fifth the size of the chest, at the same time is not the same as that of silicone Barbie, from porn, and real.

Living next to a girl, it was sometimes difficult, is not it, of course, led me more than kept, but still I could often see her in her underwear, causing the abdomen immediately to boil. Sometimes I visited and depraved thought about it, then had to jerk off in the shower to lose steam.

Everything happened at the beginning of the summer. We then passed the session, and decided to celebrate it with me. House was empty, Lena disappeared on the job, her husband was on a business trip. Before the evening we had a good drink, and move slightly. Here and I started talking. Roma, started his supposedly Gosha problems with women, for the third time breaks off, due to the fact that he has a healthy dick. I did not understand what there is a conversation. Here Roma and he stated:

- Listen, you do not mind going if Gosh, with your aunt try?

- What? - I then smallness ah *** eaten.

- Well, you judge for yourself. She's experienced, she nedotrah, he said. Maybe you agree? - Roma is both embarrassing and brought stared at me.

- Not as well as you imagine, you fucking ... - I really did not know what to say.

- Listen, you get cool and not, apologize and leave. - I put in his word Gosh.

Frankly, I was at that moment swept wild excitement, only one thought. The guys noticed it, neighing loudly: "The very fact, there stood a stake!" I myself laughed and reassured replied: "Well, if you persuade, you do what you want. But if not, just go! "

It took another couple of hours before you came to Lena. She was in a buoyant mood, and immediately clamped my arms, congratulating on the successful delivery of session. At the same time it is so strongly clung to me with her breasts, I felt like a member began to be excited. That she did not feel, I immediately pulled away from her. It has everything was dressed as well as possible, to the looming situation - the black dress was a little above the knees and chest tightened like a bra strove to escape from his prison. Aunt Friendly and congratulated the guys, and they immediately took the initiative in their hands - were invited to drink wine. The four of us sat down at the table. Lena bombarded us with questions about the study, not giving a chance to turn the conversation to another topic. I thought laughed friends: "So it is you, and gave" But at some point, Roma could fasten a joke about the big tits, and to my surprise my aunt just laughed, and then boasted that her breasts did not prevent her to live, and very much like the peasants. I, frankly, was surprised by her emancipation, although the breast - is not such a taboo subject.

I've watched happy smiles on the faces of friends. Roma managed to insert everything that Gosha problems with the girls while he did Gosha, such plaintive mine on his face ... Lena has kak-to differently start to look at the guys in her eyes appeared kakoy-to animal shine. Ghosh suggested that she go to the room, sit down on the couch, and they are holding the handle left. Roma winked at me, "play along, say went to bed." The two of us went into the room. My aunt and Ghosh were already obnimochku, and something said.

- I sleep, tired! - I immediately hid behind the door.

I began to wonder - tempted to observe what is happening? Or really go away to sleep. But the temptation was strong. We stood in the hallway chair, and sitting on it, I opened a good view of the room through the open door, while I could not see, probably J. Lena was among the guys. They laughed and talked, but then Roma began to squeeze her tits when Lena is not resisted. Gosh leaned against her lips and began to kiss her passionately. Roma at this time and brazenly lewd matzah her chest, pulling the dress waist. She was wearing a white, almost transparent bra. He seemed small to her chest and just fall out of it. I was barely distinguishable from a distance, her erect nipples. Roma kissed her body, and gosh never left her lips. At one point, the guys took off her bra, and Lenin's huge chest was on the outside. The boys immediately began to kiss and lick her. My aunt, tossing back his head back, licking her finger. Soon, Roma pulled off his pants, grabbing his hand over his penis, which was quite a medium-sized, and began to masturbate, simultaneously kissing the body of Lenin. My aunt immediately began to help Roma to masturbate again merged in a passionate kiss with Gosha.

All three apparently received pleasure. Soon, Roma pulled off Lena dress, it was only in transparent panties and put her cancer and began to make her Cooney. Lena began to moan with pleasure. Ghosh also decided to move on to serious business. Taking off her clothes, she left naked. At the same time, in the aunt's face looked a huge dick. Probably 20 centimeters long and 7 centimeters thick explicitly. Lena hesitated slightly, but still began to suck. At first only the head, simultaneously licking the barrel, but then began to take deeper.

At that time I already very excited on the type of event. Previously, only presenting in their fantasies, and now I saw my aunt completely naked, and besides, it fucked two guys. Taking off all my clothes, I settled back and began to masturbate to satisfy myself. It is true for a long time I could not hold out, and a couple of minutes, finished his stomach.

At this time, the Roma have to attach his penis to vagina Lena. After a few moments he was fucking her pussy. Lena moaned loudly, podrachivala Goshin cock and sucked it. Roma all accelerated the pace, roughly Deryaev aunt in her vagina, she choked in moans, and she stopped up his mouth Goshin member. Gosh suddenly he grabbed her by the hair and began to stick on his penis. Lena nearly choked on it, but spat, again began to suck. Roma is also not lost a race, my aunt raztrahivaya vagina.

At that time I masturbate quietly again got stronger member. I was seized with strange but pleasant feeling. I wanted to join, but still had to limit myself.

In a few minutes the boys were swapped. Gosh barely entered the Lenin vagina, you screamed, the guy started to fuck her slowly. Lena moaned in pain, greedily sucked Romijn member podmahivaya Gaucher ass. Gosh, I must say, was moving slowly, but Lena moaned loudly, Roma one point shouted at her: "Stop yelling, scare away the neighbors!" Lena calmer, a little more Romijn sucked cock and the guy finished in her mouth. Gosha continued to fuck my aunt. Her breasts hung in different directions, the two bodies slapping echoed around the room. Soon Gosh, he pulled member abundantly finished it on the ass.

I also arrived by this time, having finished profusely. Trickle sperm flew to the side, splashing on my feet and the floor. I breath, looked into the hall. Guys kissed Lena, and began to dress. So I sat there, I had to go to the shower, but would like to hear what friends say. They went out of the room, laughed when he saw me.

- I look you did not lose time, - whispered Roma.

- Lost when there is, - I replied.

We said goodbye, and the guys went home. Lena all the time lying on the couch, apparently heard our conversation, and I realized that I had seen everything. Soon she came to me. Completely naked. Her ass has been a drop of sperm. And I was all splattered. Silently, she sat on the arm. I could not take my eyes off her gorgeous breasts. She sat silent, glancing at me.

- You saw it all? - She asked.

- As I can not see? - I smiled.

- Pervert! - Briefly said Lena.

I tried to cover his penis hands, which on the kind aunt again began to be excited, but soon it was already pointless, as he stood stake. Lena got off the floor and sat down in front of me, and began to suck my cock, not saying a word. I gently stroked her hair, she made me a passionate blowjob. A member of my all very exciting, right in her mouth. Lena now and then interrupted, he began to masturbate him. Then she took him deep in his throat, sucking cool the entire trunk. Soon, unable to withstand such pressure, I finished on her face and mouth. Aunt smiled sweetly, tongue licking the drops of sperm. After that we went into the hall. Lena settled back on the couch, throwing his feet on my shoulders. I walked slowly into her vagina and began to fuck her. I slowly moved her hips, enjoying every moment of sex. Lena have fun as I am. She sucked his finger, he groans softly. This went on for several minutes. Then I put her cancer, and continued to fuck her already faster and more assertive. Soon I finished profusely into her pussy. She lay down on his back and began to penetrate with one hand in her pussy, from which flowed the sperm. And I kissed her breasts ...

The case remained a secret, a secret from the guys and all. After that, we tried to stay, and I soon moved to a safe place, but that's another story ...

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The plan, which came up with Svetlana, how to break her friend play the virgin unless in writing adventure novels. And the essence was this: she tells her friend that she had turned to me bummer. As she takes off her panties, and I changed my mind, because they say she was 16 years old and not 18 years. Therefore, Luba is to be sure no panties, no bust, skirt as short as possible and neobtyagivayuschy topic.

Occasional come was the same as in Svetlana "unyielding prog". And I had to psihnut of "dullness" Luba, get away from the computer and go to bed. And she would try to "calm me down" strong kiss. I have to give in to her a passionate kiss, and at the same time to put it on myself. Light warns her not to interrupt the kiss no matter what. Even if you feel the touch of a member between her legs. He will say that if I like her a kiss, then a Member may "himself to get out" of the shorts. But light does not tell Lyuba, it will be at this time to hide behind the curtain. And when Lyuba is on me, then gently draw it out gum shorts and to release my trunk, and then send it to the Luba crack.

Oddly enough, but her plan worked. Luba came, put the stick, I started explains, but she "did not understand". Then I stood up, walked over to the bed and flopped onto his back. Luba came to me:

- Why are you angry? Do not be angry, please. Well, let me kiss you, but do not be angry.

She clung to my lips. Her nimble tongue immediately entered into my mouth and began to host there. I kissed it certainly cool. She stood over me, leaning. I slipped one hand under it, to make it easier to raise. Then with both hands waist put it on yourself. It was even better than I expected. Because compared with Sveta Lyuba was much better. It looks that it was all over: and the ass bigger and probably breast size up to 3 feet hold out and complete, though shorter than that of Amy.

As soon Lyuba was on me, I immediately felt a gentle handles Amy pulls gum shorts. She inexplicably managed to pull off shorts with me completely. Then he held his finger in my right thigh in the direction of the stop. This meant that I had to move down Luba (the feet). And Luba continued kissing passionately and did not notice that the slits near its mast is ready to pierce it. I started to move around the waist down Luba. Thumb Amy stopped the movement in my right hip, and went up on the left. This meant that I have to screw up her skirt Luba. Which I did, and immediately felt Sveta fingers wrapped around my trunk, and bowed his head slightly parted lips Lubin slits. Liuba paused for a moment, and then, perhaps remembering the orders Amy continued to kiss. Light let my trunk, but continued to be the head between the jaws. I felt the tremors of Sveta's fingers on my thigh. This meant that I had to drive her to the trunk of Luba. I put my hands on Lyuba ass, and then simultaneously pressed her hips and moved sharply upwards. The barrel is easily broken through the hymen and sunk in Luba.

- Um ... uh .... OOOOOOYYY! Lyuba pulled away from my lips and zaoykala ...
- Quiet quiet nice, everything is behind a little patience ...

I continued to drive member pushes. Each time he penetrated deeper and deeper. Because this day I have finished before the arrival of Luba couple of times, but now I have kept for a long time. And Luba moans of pain, a gradual transition to moans of pleasure. And I felt that her vagina is beginning to decline sharply. Luba finished, and I barely had time to pull the penis out of her sperm splashed into her on the ass.

From the minute we lay motionless, then Lyuba clasped handles my head and began to frantically kiss on the lips, cheeks, nose.

- Spasibochki, spasibochki cute. Finally, it is my dream come true and I became a real woman ....

- All all, my good ... went into the bathroom, give myself up, and then the Light can descend.

- Oh, I forgot about it .... I beg you, she also wants to become a woman ... to be honest, I do not want to share you with her, but I am obliged to her.

- Okay, we'll see.

And I held her, stomped into the bathroom, holding her by the ass. But to get to the bathroom with a member inside did not work, he went limp and jumped. there was almost no blood in comparison with the light. The trunk certainly bloody, but no more ... While we were in the bathroom, Light quietly left the apartment, even closed the door behind him. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. We quickly got dressed and I went to open it. I stood in the doorway of Light.

- Everything turned out great (she whispered and raised her thumb up). And above all captured on video.

- You chtoo! ... A radish! Referring ... you managed? ...

- I will show you later…

And so it began to fuck two nymphets, taking care not to reduce them together. But one still had at Ljube proimitirovat as Sveta torn virgin ... and this devil so famously played that Luba believed (and podgadat, the end monthly) ...
although there is a continuation of these adventures ...

to be continued

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While I gave my duty to the Motherland, marching on the parade ground and getting orders out of turn, for this awkward neighbor girls grew up. And it turned into a seductive pretty girls. A hot summer to divide them, and men's neck folded from the inability to take the lustful gaze of those 16-17 year olds nymphets

"Zdrasste" ... this is one of those nymphets greeted.

- Hi

- Don `t you remember me?

- Unfortunately, during my absence you become a beauty (she blushed)

- Yes, I am the light. From next door). You seem to understand about computers?

- Yes. What?

- We are in the summer given the task: to master one program, and it can not be development. You would not be able to help?

- No problem. Come today after 8 pm (at 8:00 in the summer - it's not over yet), brings its prog, I try to help. But I also harmful. I will only suggest, but mostly very necessary. Staged?

- Of course satisfied. Without this program, I can not see a good evaluation on computer

- See you in the evening, then. And I could not resist, so as not to hold her gaze. She looked very tempting. Through the thin T-shirt stood out sharp little nipples of her small breasts, korotyusenkaya skirt, barely covered ass.

Her parish filled the room chirping. For a couple of minutes I could hear all the news in the district.
- Enough balabolit, let the flash drive with a program

- Well, why are you so strict? As a school teacher. And she kissed me on the cheek. I instantly swelled shorts. And considering that the roasting terrible, apart from these summer shorts on me was nothing. Shoot, I even felt embarrassed. And it was the same little thought to come up with her at least polapat. And here on you: just smack.

-To insert?
(I almost blurted out in rhyme where), showed her USBrazem and she busily inserting the stick started to open the folder. I thus continued to sit in the chair, and the Light stood between my legs and started to look for what you need by clicking the mouse. Standing, leaning, it was uncomfortable and she, without hesitation, sat down on my leg. I thought that my trunk tear shorts. And it is not just sat sideways on my leg, and soon turned and sat down on top of her, straddling a bit with his legs. Sit still, she could not. All the time crawl.

And then it dawned on me that the devil without panties. Crawl on foot, she could not feel my hip stem. A start feeling excited and naturally flowed. My leg was not just wet, wet and ...

Ah well! Well then, hold on! I do not remember that I was prompted to her, because he started to figure out how to put it on his trunk. Eureka !, coined.

-Svetik, open up, please window, but it is very hot.

- How? I do not fetch.

- Let me you Lift, you'll be in the chair and dotyaneshsya to it, and I'll hold you

- Then lifted if enough silenok

Well, for me it was the weight of the mosquito. For the waist, I lifted her up on outstretched arms. She lifted her legs and bent them became his heels on the edge of the chair on either side of me. I intercepted and now supports her hips. She reached out to open the window, and I was able to carve out a moment and freed from prison his trunk. From a mast sticking out vertically. After opening the window, the light began to squat, so that later you can remove the legs from the chair and put it on the floor. (Yes it was really without panties)

I slid her hands on her hips, ass and firmly took her by the waist and steered so that it fell exactly on his schelochkoy my trunk. When a member touched her cunt, Light twitched. Her legs jumped from his chair, and she planted all the weight on my trunk.

- OOOOOOooyyyy !!!!!! he heard her sharp cry. A barrel stuck into her full length.

- Do not understand. Did you play the virgin?

Light did not answer, but only moaned and sat motionless on my mast. Then she turned, kissed me on the lips and said:
- Thank you, now no longer virgin. HOORAY! I almost did not hurt, let's change the posture and the way you fuck me uncomfortable (my God, I did not have time to lose as the hymen as Give her another position).

I firmly holding her waist, lifted her and went to bed. It hung like a rag doll. Putting her knees on the bed, he dropped waist, pulled back, so that it fell on his elbows and lifted her skirt on her back. A krovischi !!! I smelled all the blood, she popochki and streaks on the thighs. I even wondered, but did not break it apart I hymen is still something else. But the tension required discharge and I began to hammer in her young body your trunk.

- Can you stop me, I have tomorrow or the next day to begin menstruating. (Pancake knowledge as an adult woman) ...

Well, I lasted long. Affected long-term abstinence, and vaginal Svetlana was very narrow and tight. Once I poured out into it as well without removing it from the trunk and wrapped around her and hugged her, stomped into the bathroom. There she removed herself from the only item of clothing. We have given myself up and I took her in my arms to the bed, there are again plunged into her trunk and probably play for half an hour, until finished.

And Svetlana and did not work to get ecstasy (though she went mad). A week later (at the end of her menses), we continued to the close familiarity and fucked every day. The first ecstasy she received only six months. A couple of days after losing her hymen, she told me that they dream with a classmate to part with their virginity, and requested that I broke my virginity to her friend. But it will be the next story.

  • 100
On the morning after the New Year, I woke up in a great mood. It was already light, but because of the curtains in the room was a morning pre-dawn gloom. I heard Sasha fumbled, and decided to reward him like a king. I slowly stood up, walked over to the window slightly opened the curtains to let in the morning light longer, and without turning around, took a nightie. Stroked his bare hips and round butt, arms around his shoulders and finally took off his chair warm terry shirt in a cage. She dressed her instead of her dressing gown over his naked body, slipped her feet into slippers and went to wash. Sasha carefully screwed up his eyes when I passed, kind of like sleeping. Do not mention it, son. I smiled myself.

The day went well, Sasha had a vacation, he ran away after breakfast, and almost until the evening somewhere disappeared. I cleaned and rest, food was full after the holiday, could not cook. I have to make up the nails on the hands of dark red, summed up the eyes Throw armpits and pubic trim hedgehog. She did not know that dare to take, I was getting ready for the evening. I wanted adventure, I was ready to go half-naked on the street and to surrender to the first comer. I wore her beautiful black lace underwear. Short robe draped on top.

My dad came with goodies and a Happy New Year. He was delighted with my kind. I managed to relish slap my ass when I put the gifts on the table. He was aptly palm directly under the robe to my bare pig cheeks.

-All the same. You're waiting for someone or so? When Sasha sing too cool? See spoil the boy - his voice was more smile than reproach.

-I suffer then you are well, ahem, when the maid ran, - he said it softly and his voice almost added sadness.

Before leaving, we hugged. At home he is not waiting for anything fun. I took pity and whispered in his ear:

-Now Sasha has come. If you want to come in on Friday, it will be his grandmother

Dad beamed and left with burning eyes. I thought - "Well, remember the youth ..."


In the summer, when I had just turned 16, we lived in the country and spent whole days on the river. My mother did not like to swim and more fussing with the housework. So we went swimming with my dad. I was a good swimmer, but my father insisted often hold me afloat, it was called "work out the right style." I'm guessing that he likes to look at me and touch my hands. Frankly, I'm also lead to impotence. He was especially fond of "work" backstroke. In this case, my breasts have swollen, stuck in his face and swayed with every movement, barely covered with a bathing suit.

- Well, my daughter is not such potonesh, - he said, and winked.

At home, when my mother left the room, he often came back and held his hand over my bare foot up on his knees.

-You're so tanned, daughter, mulatto straight - he said, and I blushed and tried to move, shiver ran through me to the back of the head. At night, closing his eyes, I patted herself on the inside of the thigh, and recalled the father's pranks. But I went up and gave his Palchikov down and wet her lips begging.

One evening Dad sat me on his lap and hugged. My mother was a neighbor, we were alone in the house.

-Tell me you are not afraid to walk one of these discos?

-I'm with a friend

-From the boys go and no hammering action, there's what you have me fighting. Do not stick - he stroked my stomach, as if accidentally rising edge of the palm under the breast.

My heart beat faster, I fell into a state of something sweet, which drove up myself at night. I would sit by the Pope on his knees and touch yourself.

- We stick together, no one to go anywhere. Vaughn Svetkin girlfriend in the bushes stripped village, she cried then, and is afraid to go to the disco.

-Well, think of stripped, because nothing has been done to her?

-She does not say, but probably not

-Girl, I'm so happy with you, I want you all to embrace the whole

-I, too, Dad, - these words I whispered, I was buzzing in the ears, Dad kissed my neck and crushed his chest on top of T-shirts. I automatically ran her fingers between her legs sticking out and stumbled upon a solid mound covered with a cloth. At this time, the gate creaked. We quickly unstuck, and I ran to my room. I saw my father puts the newspaper on his knees, covering what stuck there.

A few days passed quietly. Night and day, I never ceased to remember that night on the porch and Dad's hand on his chest and his hump.

The next disco, I decided to be bolder. There was a nice boy who all too shy to ask me to slow dance. I decided to take matters into their own hands. Anton was the name of the boy, just suited to what I conceived, it I could not be afraid and to trust him. Too rowdy I was scared, the disco was full of different types of gang, we have young girls rescued only that adults were more overdressed girls who are always spinning lasciviously in front of such types.

I have made so that we danced with Antosha ballad. Practically, I invited him, but so that it seemed to him that he was too bold and decisive. While we danced, and he held my stiff arms around his waist, I started to process it.

-If you want, I'll show you something interesting? Come with me after the dance, but you need to quickly, and then she asks us uvyazhetsya.- he nodded, and before the end of the dance, I pulled it, for some reason, ducked out of the lighted circle and then into the bushes. We moved, Bach's music already as through the blanket. It was a moonlit night, and it was light enough.

-Come on, just quietly, not Schumi

We made our way into the bush in the direction of the parking machines. On the way I saw it, I was looking for and, tssyknuv Anton, pulled it down. We sat down on his haunches behind a bush. I showed him the hand where to look. Moonlight in the bushes, a few steps from the parking lot, hugging and kissing passionately guy and dressed in a white T-shirt and short denim shorts pant girl. The girl had her back to us, and we saw how man vehemently squeezed her ass.

Anton watched with wide eyes. The girl turned to the guy back, and he continued to kiss her, lifted her shirt and began to knead white tits. When she sat on his heels to face him, I decided that enough for today, and pulled Antosha, gesturing to remain silent, and to blame, and it will be worse.

We moved away.

-Well? This Svetka we found there all the time someone kisses. Cool, huh? Just do not tell anyone, but then right now to start the tour .. - Anton nodded gratefully, and looked wistfully in the direction where we just were. We had to forge on hot.

-Anton, and you want to look at my ..? -I turned to face him and looked down at his chest.

-Oh, no ..

- You are my first boy, I was no one looked even, it will be our secret. Here, give me a hug.

I clung to him and gave herself to take her waist. Slightly inclined and lifted his T-shirt revealing velvet balls with a perfectly pink, almost invisible nipples. I hugged him around the waist and slightly raising himself tits elbows and pressed them to him. I held her head back slightly and watched as he looked down, unable to believe his luck. Then I turned, like the girl in the bushes and stood back to him, putting his hand on his chest. I arched and with a quiet moan sighed, wishing his institute. As he gently supported my sticking pebbles, I started the hand back and felt tensed his pants. Here I will give Palchikov, compressing the solid bone through his pants, and happily listening to Anton began to breathe more often. I pulled it out of his pants hot bar and managed to clasp fist as he walked inside his own skin and I could see in the dark bryznuvshie bright spots in the bushes and on the ground.

A few days later my mother went to the city for a day. Happy Dad and I swam in the river. He was clearly in the spirit and furious, like a kid. I dive and disappeared, to suddenly grab me from behind his legs. Or suddenly he pulled the strings of my bathing suit and I had to sit down sharply into the water, covered with palms chest.
-Dad, what are you doing? - I pouted, but my eyes were smiling treacherously.

-Help - I was sitting in the water, holding the hands of his bashful fish, he swam and caught the ends of the swimsuit in the water and started to lift them up. I lowered my hand and he froze for a moment, staring into the water, where the two waved white-eyed faces, then covered them with wet bathing suit and flags tied around my neck. I caught his eye and mysterious looking away, set sail.

At home, I went to her room, Dad walked me

-Let me hang your swimsuit - it caught up with me and held out his hand to take the shoulder, I'm on the go has got his hands back, he untied the ribbon and already near the door of her room took off the top of the leotard and turning handed him. He towered over me holding me back against the wall.

His hand crept over my thigh. I defiantly caught his eye and dropped the hand that covered his chest. After a pause, I pushed him, my breasts pecked him in a bare belly, and I closed the door to his room.

-Natasha ..

I took off my pants from swimsuits and opened the door gave him hiding behind the door. He took them and left. I stood with her back pressed against the door of his room and took off my heart out of my chest. I held his hands over his naked body from the bottom up and then down again. Then he walked across the room and turned into a large mirror cabinet, shook himself naked booty and winked through disheveled hair.

In the evening we had dinner on the porch and drinking tea. A small lamp on the wall gave a warm yellow light around her flying midges. Dad was silent and almost did not look at me. I also kept quiet for a while could be heard snipping only spoonfuls of glass, our tea prihlyupyvaniya and itching electric bulb.

I got up and went to the flight of the veranda, leaned his elbows on the partition and looked at the sky.

-Dad, look what the stars, th first start talking and my voice trembled slightly. For some reason I remembered at that moment Antoshka and have pushed it in my fist porshenёk. I stroked his hand warm baffle board and took a deep breath of night air is electrified with anticipation summer. Dad got up and went to the wall, turned a light bulb in a cartridge, and a blue shadow ate yellow squares on the track, was heard to rustle the trees, our porch became a part of the dark garden.

-So better to see the stars - he said in a whisper at me in his ear.

Dad stood behind me and pressed his whole body. His hands began to push me to stroke, over clothing, waist, hips, shoulders, and chest. I leaned back, tighter against him sing, it was useless to resist, I too wanted! Dad breathed into my hair on the neck and climbed hand under the shirt, mercilessly crushed my tender balls, with his other hand he grabbed my naked thigh right under the edge of her short shorts and slightly parted my legs at the same time pulling my ass even tighter to him and forcing to bend my back.

Something urgently tolnulos my protruding ass, trying to climb back under shorts. I started a hand between her legs and felt my father's tights ottyanuvshy bayonet. Clasping his fingers, I squeezed his dad was breathing louder and began to whisper: "my girl, oh you, my good girl, Natasha." He freed himself and we have moved deeper into the dark porch, where he pressed me back against the wall and continued to whisper "my little, my umnichka", took off my T-shirt over the top caught my timid nestlings in his hands and kissed them, long grasping lips sensitive nipples.

I pulled his hard sausage from his pants and happily pushes hot skin, my hand was no longer covers Antoshkin twig, but the real trunk of my father's trees. "Oh, my good fellow, ah you paw .." Dad unbuttoning a button on my shorts and a little relieving them climbed back hand and began to squeeze my bare ass, getting deeper between her fingers halves, where there sweating my fluffy pastry, and where Daddy's fingers searched my shell disclosed. I leaned forward and breathed in the sweet smell of his skin, inside which fought in my fingers his skittish animal. I held up his face shocks, smooth and slippery, as the tongue, licked the head of my cheek. I gave her a peck me even, and in the nose and on the forehead and on the other cheek.

-Kiss him malenkaya- came Dad's muffled whisper in my hair over my ear. I reached elongated lips and plopped it sweet in them, then another and another, until I opened her mouth, and Headers head is ducked, having rested my tongue. Dad groaned and clasped paws of my head began to push me in the mouth, short movements, without letting my lips shut. His cock filled her fleshy running ahead mace all my mouth and threatened to shove my tongue down his throat, soon it became hard to breathe. I was bent and both hands on the father's thigh, and he was holding my head with both hands as the ball and skewer my gasping mouth itself on your pump. Finally, he jerked and had to take out a member of my mouth, hot jet hit my collarbone and left breast. Dad pulled me to her and hugged and kissed her on the mouth, which was still a salivary foam whipped his gun.

-Send kupatsya- he said smiling. I pulled back and looked into his eyes, threw shorts, turned and sparkling white halves of the priests in the moonlight, said:

-Come on ..


What if I was hot! However, further snoshaniya rotika my daddy did not go. And I wanted so much already was burning inside. And what was my body, young, flexible, thin arms and legs, with boyish peach ass, but a round, ripe breasts!

I looked at myself in the mirror, comparing himself with that today. I have nothing, of course, but it is quite different, mature beauty. The pelvis and hip militant Amazons and chest, hard pulls bra scored meatiness hands and experience the temptation to face with arrow plucked eyebrows and slightly stringent outlined bitter crease his lips. And only the eyes are the same, and also burn everything inside, and requests the love. And, of course, soccer balls my smart ass, can not be called boyish. Fu, amused herself.

The door key fidgeted, I woke up and pulled down her robe behind, covering me laugh economy .Zakryv mirrored closet door, I sat on the sofa, legs crossed. Sasha looked and saw me fully armed, held a look at my body longer than was decent.

-Hi, Mom. Have something to eat? -these words, he was still talking to my knees open

-Of course, let's go to the kitchen, wash your hands only

We sat down to eat, say, about what he did all day. He was excited, and talked a lot, covering his embarrassment, and fighting with her a curious look. I mean not filed, and vice versa are exhibited at every opportunity. That bending over the desk and giving her breast to hang freely cuff coat, then getting back to his son ran to unnecessary bank on the top shelf, letting his bare feet to show himself entirely to under the folds round booty.

Finally, I put my hand on Sasha's, and languidly covering the eyelashes, she said:

-If you want, we can now go back and watch a movie together, -Sasha nodded, blushing slightly

-Well, then I'm in the shower, and you're so far spread out, okay?

After a swim, I called him to bring me a nightgown, supposedly forgotten me. When my son went to the bathroom, I greeted him with a towel pressed to her chest while standing barefoot on the floor. Sasha above me and I saw his face twitched as he looked in the mirror behind me over my head. There is, of course, reflected my bare back turning into forbidden round shapes, just revealed to him in all its glory. The effect was that it is necessary.

We went and started watching a movie. I paid off the night light and asked to look for anything interesting.

-I want to romance, my son, do you mind?

He found a suitable film. On the screen was a love story, a gentle, but generally quite banal film. I went to the bathroom and came back and saw that his son changed the channel and looks something much hotter. On the naked girl with big breasts on her knees in front of a guy and unbuttoned his pants. Sasha held the remote in his outstretched hand, ready to change the channel back to my return, the other hand it is characterized by rubbing under the covers. I went out into the world.
-Oh, Mom ..- he waved his remote control, he, unfortunately, does not switch

-Sasha, leave the film, I also want to see, 'said I, as can be tender and crawled under the covers.


-You like? This is nothing there, you're really great, too, I want to see such a frank .. mm ..

We were silent, watching the movements of the body on the screen.

-You know, I have long been waiting for, when you grow up enough. We can watch together and discuss these films ..vzroslye different things. Do not be shy. I love my body, but I hid my desires when you were little. I noticed the way you look at me lately and I was, ponimaesh..zavodit. Do you like my body?

-Mom, you're so .. just super!

-True? I Want it? - Sasha looked at the screen, there was a girl in the same shoes with heels and turned languidly, showing off in front of a guy sitting.

Sasha looked at me disbelieving look that said, yes !!

I reached up to his knees and whispered in your ear while holding his fingers under a blanket in his underpants, and touching his aglet:

-You can touch it ..

Then I got up and went away into the open, where the falling light blue TV screen, slowly began to sway, and could move her hips. I stroked her arms, gathering the chest in a bouquet or raising his hands moving on the inner side of the thigh, to cross them where the hottest handshake. I turned back, took hold of the edge crossed nightgown and turned wink Sasha. He sat up in bed, looking at me intently, and my advice Iron-on transfer for cowards her boyfriend by removing the blanket over his legs. I took off my nightgown and bent, turning appealingly ass.

With nightie pressed to his chest, I got to Sasha face, loose hair fell on my face and I looked through them predator, playing innocent. I gave nightie and fall down her elbows, only the edge of the fingers still clutching her nipples. Sasha held already formed a column of cowards in the cam, I let go of her fingers and saw his eyes swung repeating movement freed boobs. I twirled, showing itself in the details and the knees slightly bent legs, stroked their little ones in their hardening of the spout, and, in the model swinging hips and went to bed.

Here I beckoned her son and his finger when he picked me, caught his hands and covered them her breasts. Giving him to caress them, in the meantime I pulled his face down to his shorts, so he put his nose in my pubes mound. And then I slowly prispustila gum to mid-thigh. Sasha dove nose and lips to my gentle whack, and I stuck out his as she could, giving him a passionate kiss Mamochkin pussy. He drowned in my face and both hands squeezed my ass. I moaned as pornomodeli little teasing him, then lifted her leg onto the bed and his fingers opened her lips to him, the current moisture and desire.

-Son, I want you to have tried my tongue ..-, Sasha did not have to persuade, he became nalizyvat my cunt lips and turn away, I just sent it over his head and pressed his tongue wanting to catch him, his passionate a button, even more moaning, when he got to her. Finally, I pushed him and sat on the bed, letting him stand on the floor face to me.

-Mamochkin mouth is also something that can, let's take off pants like that, wow what a great kid he is! Well kiss Mom - I wound up talking to her son breast shlyushnym voice breathy. He opened lips and looked at him from the bottom up, giving him a shove to me your hungry pisyun. He took his hand and pecked me on the lips.

-Well, still, do not be afraid ... Let's ... Umm ... I want your head, shove her mom ... Mmh..Vot so ... mmvl glubshzhe mouth ... ... ... mmhl..hlyup squishing ... - I let him embrace his head and cheered silenced moans, provoked break in your mouth like a wet hole. My lips were always open and saliva foamed and flowed down his chin. I held hands limp at the bottom, I liked to be used whore. He rushed to pull out, to come, but then I grabbed his ass and vice versa planted throat, giving his chin wet stretch in his testicles. He groaned profusely naspuskal my throat, straining buttocks and painful squeezing my hair on the head arm.

I pulled out, and saliva hung from his Mostkom end to my lips. I looked at his admiring eyes, the bridge burst and drool ran down my cheek ...

... I was awakened by a phone call, Otterlo with phlegm cheeks (sometimes it happens to me in a dream, follows a little saliva). I looked at my watch, it was past midnight. Sasha said into the phone, which had stayed in Viti, his friend and asked for permission to stay with him overnight. I'm still half asleep and allowed to put down the phone. As if still not believing has felt around and found himself dressed in black underwear and bathrobe. So, yes ..


This time Elena danced a striptease at the intimate light. Section in its entirety, very nice driving. Then she stood, and I sat on the bed and kissed her big nipples and stroking her legs and back. At some point, I nuzzled into her unshaven pubis and inhaled the scent of her hair there, saying, "Mommy, Mommy," in the course of our game. With this we have finished this time.

She also promised to tell me about how her father molested her when she was a 16 year old girl. I can not wait, I was lucky with her.

to be continued…

  • 80
Well how do you such a mother? - I asked Elena and turned her back.

She bit down her ass and watched expectantly through plecho.Mne was that the estimate was her black underwear. Briefs with not very high neckline, out of which the advantageous rounded buttocks and beautifully stood under a black tanned leather. Large Your feet with popliteal dimples. She just stood on his fingers with, painted dark varnish, nails, as if she were on his heels. The belt she had a light skirt, also black, of some shiny material. Her she coyly lifted, apparently wanting to draw attention to my main trusiki.Spinu raschertili thin black lace bra tape.

-Class! I -vydohnul.

-Yeah, I'm, like, like going to work, and came up to ask you .. - then she started a hand behind his back and deftly undid her bra - Here! I ask you to be buttoned up - and smiled satisfied that everything is cleverly invented.

-Wow, Len ..

-Call me Mom, as agreed - she interrupted, flirty, fun, frowning

-Good. Mom ..

-Here. Well, because, you help?

I moved closer and took hold of the fastener, even because they are stretched in their hands, I felt implicate severity of her breasts. As I fumbled with the lock, she made a small step back and gently butted my booty. Finally I did it. She turned, her shoulders, giving a gorgeous view your bust with a dark stripe separating the chest.

-Thank you my son - and kissed me on the cheek, showering sweet smell that seemed to go out of crease between sisek.Uhodya, she ran her fingers through my underpants, which has worried my boyfriend and then turned and kissed the air lips.

Elena was a forty-year woman with whom I met on the Internet. We have agreed on common interests to incest fantasies, and gradually, making sure that we both adequate people, began to meet at her house. She was divorced and lived alone. She met and slept with another man of his years, but we shall not meshalo.Ya was married, I was soon to turn 30, but I look younger, and looked at the world in general 16-year-old youngster. And in his fantasies he was transferred to a one-room apartment, where he lived alone with his mother.

With his wife, we all was good in bed, but not a hindrance. With it, I was in a conservative measure, and saw no reason to reveal all their secrets to a man with whom I still can, it will be necessary for life to live. Around was a free world that allowed to let off steam without much damage to their own pride and without breaking a quiet family life.

We have not slept with Helen. We stretch the fun and come up with various exciting scenes. We both agreed on the fact that the eyeliner-or to any sexual activity and dreaming about it, excited and sometimes even more than an accomplished act. We are not in a hurry.


I lay in bed, and too lazy to get up. Mom looked up to me.

-Do not you sleep? Well, help me, - she went on tiptoe and spoke in whispers for some reason, even though we were in the apartment alone and wake up anyone they could not.

Mom sat on the bed with his back to me.

-I can not get there - she pointed at the clasp of her bra

I sat up on one elbow, and fumbled with the lock. From mom sweet smell and the skin on his back was warm.


-Well, thank you, I ran - my mother stood up and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. Her tits swung to my face. She stood up and walked away.

I have to lie, delaying recovery. Before my eyes still bobbing my mother tanned chest with a strip of white skin through bra cups. The sweet smell still hung in the air. I got out from under the mattress magazine. I found your favorite photo. It is quite a mature model, a little plump, she was on her knees and looked up at the camera. She was loose hair, bra cup down and turn away a heavy chest pyalila chubby pink nipples with black buttons. Mentally, I vividly turned his mother's cup on her stomach and saw her white tops boobs, pink and hiding their napuhlosti. I pull off the pants, and gave her mother touched her segment. The woman in the photo is just holding someone's body rebelled and opened red lips meet him. Mom continued this movement and has nachmokivala my head in my head. I licked his hand and imitated suction wet fist chasing the skin up and down.

Mother's tits slapped me on the knees, and very soon I shot his wet palm, posing as my mother put her swollen head somewhere in the palate, filling the sperm tongue.

I sniffed my fingers posing as should smell my lips horny mom and went to wash his hands. The day started well.


This time, she came out in a transparent negligee very brief, it barely covered panties and dark nipples showed itself through the creamy fabric.


-Mom, Mom, remember? On, put it, we are getting ready for bed - white T-shirt with shoulder straps and white pants, a long time this did not put on, that's for sure, back to childhood

-Mom, can I go with you today, here seen better television, we also will be something to watch?

-OK, baby. So even warmer - Elena winked and threw a nod strand of black hair.

-What have you got there? - She leaned over and jabbed his finger in the pants, breasts swayed heavily and pulled the bodice peignoir, right nipple climbed out of the cup

-It seemed that the spot - she stood up and straightened the chest, - oh it's a mummy, today - squinting smile - look and will not turn away, cunning that beautiful? Okay, I look and that's enough, let's go to bed.

We went and turned on the TV. Elena straightened the blanket, lying in the legs crumpled blanket, she leaned over to remove it and got on all fours ass turned to me. Shirt rose, panties, it's not put on ..


On New Year's Eve, there was a lot of guests. My friend from work with their husbands and neighbor Valya. Girlfriends poshumeli long before midnight and ran for the next visit, and Valine-law husband returned from a late shift, drank a glass with us, then they looked at each other and decided to Valyuh doprazdnovat already at home. We were left alone with Sasha. We decided to remove from the table and look festive transmission on the couch.

Sasha my 16 years, and we live alone. His father had fled already 10 years ago. I'm only 39, I'm in great shape and almost always on edge, sexy. We live in a studio where the shop is, there is a bedroom, a sofa bed, and me and my son. That's Vod here guys. And this, to a married adult child took, must still search. It turns out that I am ready to rub her clitoris on the knob of the door cupboard in the kitchen, wash the dishes and when to bite the lips.

Sashunya I had grown up. I see how he looks at my breasts, blush and look away. I saw once on his head in the window near the ceiling between the bathroom and kitchen when bathing. On the shorts in his dirty laundry all the time yellow spots, and distinctive masculine scent, which to me, hunger becomes so sad. I even represented as kneeling or even touched, only I open his mouth and bit his tongue, and he sprinkles semen and salty drops fall on the lips and nostrils and tongue.

Behind the door is opened. I'm standing in the bathroom and keep cowards son in his hand in the face, eyes closed, and the second hand crawled under the robe between his legs. I came to her senses and pulls gown hand and cowards put into the machine with dirty laundry, pretending to touch and sniff and other things there.

- Mom, will wash? I've even brought ..- he puts crumpled laundry in the machine, and embarrassed out. Surely something spotted, something understood. I just have time to nod. I look in the mirror and blush ..

What did he bring? I turn the ball, T-shirt and shorts almost pure, he simply clocked for visibility, because they are wrapped panties. Cowards, in which he came and which also wiped. And it was now, that bastard when he has time? It is, all in Kiselny sticky drops. I sniff, having brought to face, and furtively glancing at the door. I can not help but stick his lips in the wet spot. The bathroom door is closed, but Sasha, of course, no longer finds itself. I want to complete the job. I launch right hand in the pants and start raping her lips and clitoris, rubbing them gently at first, then harder and faster. Meanwhile, his son smear sperm on the lips and tongue, bury in wet underpants and hewed nose. My eyes rolled, I see before me a swollen red head and white spray, the bitter taste of semen in my mouth, trembling with a member of a tight-skinned, hot and smelling. I exhale loudly, trying not to give himself a groan, nice run up from the groin needles on the back, neck and all over his body. I open my eyes and look at myself in the mirror, smeared, flushed, happy face. Tomorrow is New Year. I wink at me ...

We decided to spread my couch, he stands in front of the TV and watch the lying, so comfortable.

-You know, the transmission are late, come on now spread out the bed and lie down, so you can just go to sleep then? - I suggest. Sasha nods.

Helps me with a sheet, I wait until he undress and lie down, he sleeps in his underpants and a T-shirt. When he climbs into bed, I'm going to change. He watches TV, but I can see how he stops and side view too closely watching me. Well, well, Sasha, you'll have something to dream, nayarivaya her pussy under the blanket tonight. I take off my dress with his back to him, to me panties with black lace rubber band compresses the round ass and a bra with thin straps. I descend from their shoulders half turned when looking for some hand behind his back, I see him, jerking to a TV head. Unbuttoning the castle and only then open the closet door and I go for it like behind the screen.

The door is narrow, and I purposely go out every now and then beyond. When rented bra and at arm's length put him on the couch, I know that my left breast swayed and struck from behind and opened a lively note there on the bed. Then I bend over, taking off her panties and my ass sticks out a little bit because of the door. I'm wearing a white nightgown, not very short, but with a good cut on the chest so that it is bordered by the darkening of nipples and halos transparent just enough that it is possible to discern a neat black triangle of hair on my pubic hair and strip separating the two halves of my priests. I smile myself, I'm in the mood today.

Before you go, I walk around the room by the TV to the window and I reach up, adjusting the blinds. Nightie opens my slender legs and emphasizes the bulging ass. All the show is over. We lie down and watch the transmission. Long after midnight I suggest to look for a movie on cable and turn off the bedside lamp, the light is now only on TV. Sasha switches channels. On one of them a girl in a towel, the man takes a drink, a languid smile.

- Here, it seems to be about love, leave, - I say.

Lips girl brightly dyed, long nails in bright manicure playfully scratching a man's chest. She leaves and unleashes a towel. Sasha strains. Swung nipples sharp-nosed young breasts, the girl went and sat on the edge of the pool, dipping feet in water. Now we see only the lower roundness of the breast from the side. Sasha swallowed. Even for some time in silence lasts a movie, we show slight variations on the theme have already seen, it is very easy sensuality, and soon the movie ends. We turn off the TV and lie.

Sasha begins to rise.

- You can sleep here today

-Oh good..

-Did you like the girl from the movie?

-MGM ..

-She has such slender legs and a flat stomach. I have to run every day and have a salad to look like. Although I'm still in shape. I have in fact beautiful legs?

-What are silent, that's Feel the hips absolutely no fat, it's muscle - I flirt laugh when I say it and move to it at the same time feeling his hand and putting himself on the thigh, purposely high in the very edge nightie. His hand was cold and trembling with excitement.

-Oh, are you cold? Let the other arm, too, warm yourself - I have not been waiting for his consent and catch him the second hand, they now both clamped between my legs. We lie on the side of the face to face, just around the corner. Straightens his hands as if seeking comfortable position, they are now so high that I know he feels a slight tickling my pubic hair on their thumbs.

-Sasha, what are you again soiled underwear - even in the dark, I think I see how he blushes

-You can not answer, I know, you have such age. You touch yourself. Do not be alarmed, this is normal, everyone does it. And at any age. I, too, do it

Then I nudge his hands, and they were just pinned down to my mound.

-You make yourself nice? And what do you imagine at this time? Have you seen the pictures of the girls, movies? Can you imagine me? You are now all interested, maybe you want me to touch? I'll let you, today, New Year, and now the dark night, tomorrow we wake up and forget everything. Imagine that it's such a pleasant dream. You're going to get dirty and these pants today, dreaming about that girl from the movie? I can help you, and it will be much better, so ..

-Here, wait - I sit in bed and take off the nightgown over the top. Moonlight from the window grabs my round tits and nipples sticking on untanned swimsuit on triangles.

I take Sasha's hand and lead him in the stomach with his hand himself, put on his chest. The second his hand and lays his hand up I get deeper and pressed his hot fold of his fingers.

-Do you like?

-Mmgm ..

I put away my hand, and he continues to keep his hand on my breast itself. Then stroking, timid, afraid to squeeze, it gets used to its softness and shape. Conducts fingers on the hard nipples. I lifts the ass and slips his hand under his where I sit, I start to drive it with his hand on his hips, the pope, all the while returning to his disclosed lips, pressed his fingers more in the middle, when lead by a hollow, showing how he can do.

I'm trying not to scare off his hands, I lean blanket and go down to his underpants. His bulge segment has them. First, run your fingers under the elastic and stroked his hot hard segment. The pads of the index finger prick find the head with a drop of grease on the hole, and begin to stroke it around. Son and bends his hands for a moment stopped its work. I'm afraid that it will end ahead of time, rid of its segment of the cowards and continued to caress his fingers approach him face. The smell drives me crazy, my imagination is now so real. I rub my nose against his pubic hair covered with fuzz, and the whole member base, sweet fragrant peel. Suddenly Sasha exhales sharply and I only have time to substitute a person under the hot spray. My nose and mouth, lips parted and the tip of the tongue in the fragrant bitter liquid. I wait until the end of his finger cramps and collect the last drops with his head. I lick a finger.

-Well done, now you can go to sleep and nothing do not worry - I'm I correct his pants and taking nightie leave the bathroom.

I wash and look in the mirror.

-Well, Natasha, good year begins - to dress up and go to sleep. To begin with perhaps enough.


Yesterday my mother and I were alone in bed and watch TV until late at night. Even caught the end of the erotic film. Mom was so plainly dressed, I turned my eyes watching her, I think she did not notice anything. When she straightened the curtains, I could almost see her ass, and she was obviously without panties! And when she fell asleep at the end of the movie, her breasts hung down so that was seen all boob entirely. I slowly turned off the telly and masturbate in the bathroom, even today, I did not have the magazine, I saw so many things. On stiralka lay my mother's underwear. I could not resist and smelled the place from the inside, which pressed her pussy. It makes me very excited.

I closed my eyes and pictured my mother lying legs apart and gives me to look at my mohnatku, poke his nose into it, kissing her. I'm not represented as it should exactly look like the magazines that I saw were not so candid. But some buns with pleats myself yet represented and smell help me love them even without seeing. As mom would give me touch my pussy, I would remove panties and spread her legs, on, Sasha, do mummy nice. And she would have bared their breasts and would matzah with their hands. Plump buns tanned leather balls, long fingers with red nail polish on the nipples, lips bright pink tongue to lick. Sasha, lick mom, lick my son!

I had finished, already biting teeth mother's perineum rather smelly lining underpants. It was not a new game. I decided to memorize it. The machine is always a mother's dirty panties.

He was a good New Year! I went to bed happy.

to be continued…

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She was afraid. Diko. Exciting. Fear was evident. Her trembling lips, dilated pupils. She crumpling the edge of blouses. She was afraid. Not me. I was afraid of the decision.

- I can not, it is too.

- Spread your legs.

Obediently, she just leaned back, raised her usual skirt.

I pushed his hand between slender legs in stockings caressing. She was without panties, used to walk so much. Wet, hot, technaya pussy. She pulirovala. I felt swollen lips. Just put pressure on the clitoris. She sighed. I saw covered her eyes as the little mouth fell open as she leaned forward, trying to spread on my fingers. I just was playing the clitoris.

- What you did not finish, bitch?

She leaned forward.

- Three ... three weeks, Mr ... It is already nervously exhaled, grabbed air.

- And what are you, damn, you do not want to come, to feel dick in all their holes? Nalakatsya sperm? You do not want to end in humiliation as you like? You're a dirty whore, yes, a creature? Or do you have forgotten your place, slut?

She was shaking, probably significantly. She was on the verge of orgasm. Let me give vent to his fingers and all, like a rag doll, it would be writhing in agony on my arm. I even for a moment to think about it, let her finish, and then such a submissive and razomlevshie obkonchat Bay face with sperm, to wipe her own hair and wash his urine. But I decided to act as planned ...

- I want, I want, Boss ... I'm ready for anything.

Slap in the face. She licks my fingers, gently treats each finger. It removes all traces of your wet pussy. Eyes closed. She seemed to suck dick. I'm always amazed that her immersion in the subject. It broke like a match, it was worth it just to have and from strict woman with a serious position had no trace.

- And what you should do, whore?

She was on her knees, head bowed, his hands behind his back.

- I'll go to the specified address. There will be five men. They will do with me what they want.

- Why?

She shuddered.

- Because I am the Lord your thing, I'm just his property, I am a creature and a slut, whore and humiliated animal. I created for the execution of the Master desires and orders.

She gasped as if these words. Even he swayed back and forth.

Slap in the face.

- Do you want it?

- Yes, Master. It was a whisper. But a wild, passionate, whispers of excitement and obedience.

I looked down at her. It is in a dark blouse with disheveled blond hair, with his black skirt. Black stockings sharply vydelayayut body white. Her ass, shaved shaved pubis. Her face was so aristocratic, ridicule. She was smart. But how she loved to be limp. Slave and doll.

I have not seen a more humble acceptance of punishment. The most brutal spanking she endured from the beginning to the end. Accustomed and already getting buzz at the third session, and it showed. The fifth flowed and wagged her ass. Stack left vivid marks on her ass and her pussy sticky showed all the lust and depravity of the girl.

It was her first meeting without me. She went to the session, I gave her. She walked to it less than a year. Prior to this, all the group sessions were in my presence. Its fucked three and four. She was visited by a dog.

Wildest excitement, though it is not aware of this, she has received from the sessions with the girls. She was humiliated, forced to lick pussy, making her mouth with a point for urine. This mixture of men and women. A cross between a sperm and pussy discharge from someone else, use it simply as a toy - it was brought to a frenzy. I saw then, as it was shaking, and never before that I had not noticed.

She confessed that she liked. She asked not to repeat any more. I just laughed. I whispered in her ear, so that she will not lied. And she at once snikla. If I knew more about her than she knew about themselves.

And now she had to be in the wrong hands. And to do all that is told. I knew to whom she travels, knew her preferences for future stud. He knew that it would hurt that it will not stand on ceremony, which will write the video to me, do a lot of photos. I knew that it would razebany hole and exhausted, her magnificent breasts second size will learn many hands, pinching, spanking, bullying. I knew all this.

I told all this to her during the flogging, and flogged on the pussy. And she just howled and requested another.

Where seemingly more. But it obviously was not enough. Each of our infrequent meetings sank her lower and lower. It does not just pain, but also dirt, humiliation. I have seen that it is even stronger winds, that it is handling it's crazy.

I have long planned to give it. I did not ask her. I knew agree. She believed me. I needed it.

- I want to finish. Please, Master. She looked me in the eye.

Slap in the face.

- Do you think you deserve it?

- Please, please, Master. She fell on the floor and began to kiss my shoes. I was surprised. I never gave such orders, it will never take the initiative. She lifted her blouse, bra and now I see her elastic nipples that touch the floor, her tongue polishes shoes and hands are torn by the body. It is evident that she wants to squeeze pussy, rubbing her wailing and finish, but is waiting for an order. Fears.

I pushed it with his toe. She rolls onto her back awkwardly. Instinctively, he brought his feet together.

- What is this, damn?

She spread her legs. Her pussy was burning. Nipples sticking. She looked like a wife caught off guard. It seems to be the clothes on the spot, and everything is clear.

I finished it does not allow. I gave suck. She swallowed semen greedily, with pleasure.

She stood before the mirror in the hallway. To restore order in his appearance.

Make-up, hairstyle.

So sleek beautiful woman about thirty years old looked at me with a smile and confidence.

- I hope you are all well understood and did not disappoint me.

In her eyes, only humility and lust was in the glow of twilight.

- You will get everything you want, my owner.

  • 100
I want to share the history of Sway. I really love to fuck, and her husband that it rarely has me. So I seduced his brother, and that I am beautiful, slender. Guys always accompany the views. His brother went just for a moment, turned out much longer. I specifically went to the bathroom, dressed transparent robe over his naked body. He did not hide anything, on the contrary emphasized all my charms. Of course, he could not resist and grabbed me around the waist, then one hand started stroking my crotch, why I was blown away. He pushed me into the bedroom, I immediately lay down on the bed, throwing open the robe and slightly parted legs. As he groaned when he saw it, with the words:
-I long ago you wanted to - he just attacked me.

He's like a machine which then I fucked, kissing so that her lips were swollen. I'm in a wild ecstasy, his feet up on his back, screamed glaring nails into it, all twisted and trembled all over already finished. But he continued to fuck me and I again experienced a strong excitation, yet maybe I moaned, ten minutes later he stuck his dick and put it to my lips. I did not hesitate took in his mouth, he was so richly finished that sperm filled my whole mouth, and even thrust to the throat. I had to swallow everything, I'm still under the impression of sex tongue caressed his gizmo, making it once again finished. Later, leaving he said:
-But you're a whore.

Kozel, fucked and called, must be satisfied that this chick had given him.

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Standing on the other hand, Lech scrutinizing transparent drop of sweat running down my temple. He slowly pulled off his T-shirt, looking at my tense face. Playing bulging muscles, watching my embarrassment, he slowly advanced on me. Lech abruptly grabbed me by the wrist. For a moment it releases its iron grip, but I have time only to turn back to him - and is again pressed into the wall.

He pritiskivaet me against the wall, hard, rough, his fingers on my neck, I almost can not breathe. I'm hoarse, trying to escape, but he pushes me against the wall with his hot body. Lech drives me into the wall, smearing me with his hard, tense, muscular body ... I'm trying to stick his hand between his belly and the wall ... I can not ... I try to somehow move ... Lech breathing hard behind my ear. "Bitch ... tear on dick ..." His voice, his words, I almost lose consciousness.

He grabs my hair, pulls with a force from a sharp pain in the eyes welling with tears. Ducking my head even lower, it makes me kneel. "Let's suck, just asked for ..." I'm on my knees ... His hands on my head. The smell of his sweat ... Rough strong hands.

- Come on bitch had it coming. Otherwise, I can just take you by the head, and fuck, hard, cynical, pounding his dick deep in your throat.

I continue to stand still on his knees, and then he grabbed me by the armpits, abruptly pulls up, put on the feet, and turn back to him. "Damn, bitch, you yourself wanted to." He pulls my hips over, causing the bend, rude ... as I want. "Come on, bitch ..." ... yes, you can be cruel with me ... I rest your palms on the wall, but he bore down with such force that instantly pulls me to the breast wall ...

- Whore, bitch, I really tear you. I'll tear your ass on the British flag - Lech said, roughly grabbing my neck and closer to her my face.

I put out my hands, but I could not do anything when he turned his back and pressed me to his desk. On the second Lech metering: crazy desire to subordinate his darkened eyes. He feels that he is now the eggs burst. He realized that he is rapidly losing control of the situation, he moved his hand to the bulge, which nearly tore his jeans. Lech hurriedly undid them with difficulty, almost breaking, melting pulled tightly obtyanuvshie his standing pillar member. Spitting on his hand, he handed smears saliva over the entire length of his standing post 25-centimeter bull dick.

I took a deep breath and opened his eyes. Turning my head, I looked down to where his pants unbuttoned from Lehi sticking his huge dick gets up. I flinched, not wanting to give up, but already knew that he was doomed. He moved closer, grabbed me by the knee and abruptly pulled the leg side. Unceremoniously parted my legs, he pressed standing member on the compressed ring anus, his left hand resting on the table, and the right to help themselves to insert. He strongly presses me on the table, causing further spread her legs, pushing his trunk between my firm buttocks. His breathing quickens, and he had almost no control over their own actions. He struggled to overcome resistance to my reflex twitch muscles, but it enhances and increases the pressure until the muscle nor amenable to the pressure and huge hard head or turn inside. I groaned stronger teeth clenching his lower lip, trying to muffle the screams.

I clench my teeth so as not to scream ... but he wants to learn how to sound my voice when I shout out in pain and pleasure. "I will tear you apart, you understand?" I bent, trembling, clutching the edge of the table with your fingers turned white and his teeth clenched in pain. Tight and hot flesh parted reluctantly, but Lech did not stop push - more, more, more !!! - While his gigantic member was not included until late. As a steel piston into the cylinder - fast, with inevitable pressure. Hot, hard, and my piteous moans and cries like music to his ears. He wants to fuck me - long, slow, painful, pounding his cock entirely inside; accelerating the pace of everything, everything is harder, rougher all; I want to make me cry and tremble from sudden and violent impact; to fuck until I will request for mercy ...

Constricted muscles priests gave in reluctantly. But he's taller than me, rough and strong pumped stallion, tearing, skewer me on his enormous phallus. He grabbed me by the left knee, pushed aside - most dramatically, on the verge of stretching ligaments - and this time put in one push, driving all the way, for the most eggs. My eyes widen and his mouth pulled almost animal scream. I yell, twitching in pain, and trying to keep his feet - but Lech does not pay any attention to it, forcing the barrel deeper and deeper until it reaches the limit. When he came to the end of the stopped completely ohrenev of that someone was able to enter to the end. I froze, afraid that if a little stir or just inadvertently sigh - his 25-centimeter phallus tear the fuck everything inside ...

Aah! - My voice was in a strangled cry when Lech began furiously again I stick to my guns. One hand clutched my chest Lech, the other - the hip. Securely hold my body, he broke him hard and fast, feeling that it's getting dark in the eyes. I tried to concentrate on anything, just to move away from the pain, forcing the body so humiliated to ask for mercy and given to the mercy of the strongest. But Lech all accelerated motion, violently lifting my hips and driving member unusually deep, trying to make me the most pain.

He felt how much I shudder how desperately compresses and scratching nails on a table surface, in an attempt to cling even for something as hard to breathe, trying to adjust. Lech more tightly clutched in my hair - and began to be rough, hard, with a flourish, pulling back sharply and forcefully breaking back into my little stretched and little hole. I have tears flowing from his eyes - too much, and so much and so soon, that it is impossible to tolerate. Lech shake of my soul, pulled out along with the heart, and I yelled at him, choking moans, and he did not seem to notice anything, continued to rape me stronger, if he wanted to wear out to the death.

I threw back his head, grabbing hold of the edge of the table, swallowed air and still panting mouth open. Choked up with ramming torn flesh from pain stiff trunk, I was screaming in pain and could not close his eyes. Tears streamed down his temples, but the wild pain did not allow me to blink or close your eyes. Balancing on the edge of consciousness, I imagined at this moment of intense efforts of powerful arms Lehi, his torso relief, covered with glistening beads of sweat, his eyes burning animal desire. My confused, helpless look excited him more than my screams. I bit his lips, telling herself stand still at least a few minutes. But Lech tuned explicitly to tear me at least an hour.

I clench my teeth, forcing himself not to twitch and not try to escape. "Now it would be better. Who will be fine. " Lech just breathing hard, leaning forward, and I almost buries his face in his hands. Half an hour later I already start to become numb legs. From awkward postures, from shock, from the strain. I try a little lower legs, but so convenient to Leh, and I obey. He puts his hand on my neck and pulls me with the strength to face the table and begins to move faster.

Lech wants to fuck me to fuck so I cried out in pain under his body pumped ruthless ... I cry out, I throw back his head, resting his head back in the shoulder Lehi. Lech hammered into me long powerful movements ... each time almost entirely from the comfort of my body and a push rough again bursting into ... making me scream, snack lips compress and stronger edge of the table. I press my cheek against the table legs give way ... but Lech continues to move, causing me incredible pain.

- I can not do it anymore! Lech! ... - I cried and reached back, trying to dismiss pending at me a strong body and alleviate the pressure distraught "stallion", but he slammed my hand.

- I told you, bitch, that tear you? - Asks Lech, a strong hand squeezing my neck.

I'm trying to relax, but my tense muscles continue to contract spasmodically ring around his penis. The closer than you want to be rougher Lehi, to overcome resistance, and again to pull my flexible body on his huge dick.

Suddenly I stopped and forcefully pushed himself back towards Leh, nearly causing him to lose his balance. Huge barrel tridtsatisantimetrovy Leahy entered the most eggs. It was the end ... I twisted his body, his head thrown back and his mouth open in a silent scream, almost unconscious. When you try to move, a sharp pain pierced basin and passed the glow-zip the spine from her reddened eyes. I Choking fell back on the table. At this point, he strangled says:

- Yes, do not resist. Solve all the same I will.

And as punishment for resistance to most took the body and struggled abruptly pushed his hips forward. From this new, stunning pain, I almost fainted. For almost an hour he subtly raped me, breaking his 25-centimeter member of a tight passage. His giant phallus broke into my ass, getting, it seemed, to the throat, convulsions, muscle pain wrenched.

Suddenly Lech convulsive squeezes my hips and began to gasp as he felt his cock stiffened to the point where the flow of sperm, with a speed rushed down the barrel, causing a sharp burning sensation and a powerful jet hit the inside of my body. Concha, Lech could not stop and continued to move, still planting in me. After filling in all inside his sperm became a squishing sound breaks out, hot streams of pouring my buttocks, and stack the balls and foot Lehi. standing, leaning toward me and breathing heavily.

  • 100
    Fell under the magic of "the heat of cold numbers", I used to hesitate as the autumn of 2009, and who else will be my hundredth of a woman? The question of "when" not particularly worried. When you are in the development of promising candidates 5-6, it was obvious that the Rubicon line is about to be overcome. And as it turned out later, His Majesty the case quite remarkable way brought into the heroine of this storki typical features of many other of my women, and at the same time unique to her unique and extraordinary, life and intimate circumstances.

    The most common Russian name Svetlana. And it is very unusual, rare surname. Type Pafnutevna or Mefodevna. Later, I learned that her father grew up in a family of Old Believers.

    The most common intonation dating - site mambas. And suddenly discovered fact (after sending my photo on her e-mail): Light states that we know in the real world. And for this reason, refuses to meet. Suspecting that takes on the bluff and dynamite in this way, and in fact she did not like my looks, trying to play a card "and how many in Brazil Dons Pedro" (programmers named DD in city Ensk less than ever, our colleagues, I know almost all but namesakes among them). No, claims the appearance has not, but the calls and principal place of my work, and a couple of other, and the street where I live, and the name of my wife. Op-na, that's what I slept! On his wife's girlfriend was, or what?

    It turns out that we are colleagues in the department. And get to know as much as 10 years ago, at the end of the last century. True, we worked together very long, a maximum term: she just went to work, yesterday's student, and I fired. Over the course of years, I even forgot her name, is notable for such a dialogue on the Web:
- How is it you have forgotten, DD? Remember, we're still an act of inventory were late and the receptionist carried. Evening, winter, snow, cold, darkness. You have to stop me spent and waited until I left.
- Yes, that was something! But then, you do not shine name. You're Julia, right?
- You're confusing again! Julia - it's just a secretary. I Light technician. And I know that you hurt me badly. Also because I say that we do not need to meet.
- ??? For what reason ???
- Well? After all, I was appointed to your post. You probably thought that I was intrigued and podsizhivala you? You're really a masochist, so hateful to snog you special? A sadistic to me and certainly not necessary, ex-husband is fed up, well, you remember, I told ...
- And you really podsizhivala? You were his mistress, "Gurbanguly Safarniyazovicha"? - This is our permanent director of the local branch of sharash-commercial institution. - And I asked him to accelerate your career?
- Fu, shame on you!
- Here's your answer. Oh you my dismissal is not related exactly.
- And yet, it seems to me not very right to meet with a man whom I already know.
- Oh, bark-bast, start all over again)))

    I was only inspired and encouraged: drag to bed real familiar, using Internet technologies - such at me was not. It apparently slows down: real familiarity plus far-fetched to blame for my exit from the work, and perhaps resentment, not just remembered, is the reason that our first date live (and then only in the cafe, of course, no sex, how would have to review again) took place a few months after the first virtual "hello." Longer Svetka (almost six months) so I only detain a young virgin lady of national minorities. But everything is clear, and I want to, and prickly, and mother will not allow it. But something clearly prevented the World - 35-year-old (at the time) a divorced, childless woman, pointed bluntly item "sex" in your profile - rapprochement earlier to meet the 2-3-4 week, well, a month and a half in pinch typical candy buketnogo mambouhazhivaniya period.

    The most common "coffee" date in a cafe. Unusually, the first to meet it arrived.

    Private room. Average "sweet" menu: ice cream, cakes and coffee. Svetlana is not the same shy girl, graduate, and quite confident woman, stout, of course, but 10 years ago was not too thin, sizeable breasts tightly sticks iz-pod blouses, gleaming gold chain on the neckline, drawing in the countryside my opinion, the blue-eyed brunette, in my opinion, are not the most frequent combination of types of women, and especially touches me dimples on the cheeks when Light smiles. First, though, smiling is not often, the conversation is not glued (Svetka words "as if itself up for sale has exposed"), but it helps our knowledge of mutual friends in common (once), place of work, a general knowledge of computer science, and now we have the fun laugh, recalling the antics of students and adequate answers to the teacher, then vigorously debating about a particular software product.

    Chatting and talking, did not reach the sexual themes and specification parameters intimate encounter (such bude take place). Moreover, the topic of sex and personal experiences took a very large amount in our Internet-conversations. Shy Sveta, I think I know this effect, when the ladies nightingales are bottled in the virtual, on the phone is already talking with oppression, and look around, but where is the tram in person. I do not hurry and do not be customized. Even the waitress brought the bill already helping my former colleague and friend of the future to wear a robe, no signs, overt or covert, can not see what they say, she agrees to sex or strongly against?

- so what? - Not to restrain impatience, I ask. - We'll meet? Or how?
Light sharply turns to me. She seems to be seriously surprised. And pleased? Smiling shyly, and at the same time triumphantly.
- And I thought you got sick. Write down the address. Or remember - and already out of the car when I drove her to the specified address, discuss on the way the date and time of the first intimate goodbye, added, - oh yes, and condoms do not forget! Do not start, - seeing that I frowned - at least for the first time.

    Shёrt poberi! Where is this bitch, science is the logic? What will change after the first time? Give me an answer, Mother Nature! It does not give a response, silent. They say that out yourself ...

    Light was the perfect option mistress in domestic terms. Date implied in her home, she lived alone, had no bad habits, and all of my expenses were reduced to "buy something to the coffee-tea".

    Light was a dangerous one for the mistress in the topographic plan. Her apartment was located in the same building where he lived, and my wife's boss, so they had to put the car away from the house, and to develop skills in the course of surveillance spyware detection.

    So, my first time to visit her. So you want to write about the subtle romanticism and unprecedented feelings of passion and engulfed the unprecedented pleasure. I want to ... but I will not. There was no such. Especially in the first intimate encounter. Some details of the meeting, I remember now. As she met me in the home dressing-gown, with the still wet hair. How to drink tea in the kitchen, again overcoming stiffness in communication, as if there was a meeting in cafe. As I take a moment, she pulled off her robe still expecting to see a naked body, but the light was in his underwear, very elegant, beautiful, expensive and newly acquired, in my amateur opinion. As it after the initial tiskany sent me to wash, and my lack of surprise bath in the bathroom if the shower stall (only they were in vogue then). Huge trahodrom in the center of a large room (two-bedroom apartment has been recently and purchased, but the repair was made only in the large kitchen and bath, hallway, and those two rooms and stayed behind closed doors while waiting for their turn). Tightly the drawn curtains, but still not even semi-darkness, the windows in the middle of the day, just a little obscured. Hanging on the wall of a large TV, on a shelf beneath a DVD-center, twinkling lights, quietly playing something lyrical. Naked Light on the bed. Black hair styles and color of hair dark triangle of pubic white shade the rest of the body, the fullness of outstanding lover of sweets and nelyubitelnitsu fitness facilities. Pale pink, almost indistinguishable halos around the nipples. Tiscali body, whole breast, kiss on the lips. Light kissing responds otherwise behaves passively. I touched between her legs. Wet, but not abundant. Caress yet or what? As if answering the unspoken question, she pulls me over (prezik was pulled as soon as I lay down next to it), they say, it is already possible, come on! Come so come on! Standard certificate in the standard position. Sveta moaning occasionally, in moderation podmahivaet, but to all appearances, that her orgasms do not occur. What is fair in the Internet and reported on its rarity konchaniya, and so I was not surprised and did not go on the principle that it so well. Okay so good to notice that the closer my orgasm and quicker than my movements, so it is the penetration of my kisses and caresses actively. And only the final chord at my konchaniya - her smile is sincere and concerned with signature dimpled cheeks - gives me a well-deserved moral satisfaction, becoming a highlight of indistinct sex.

    I know what will be the cries about "FIG such sex" and "Running Scared, why do you so." I understand that for many men would like the first meeting was the last. Well, not coincided chemistry, what can you do? But I hope that in time all will change for the better, especially in a post-coital tea party I talked Svetku abandon the future of the gums and do not hesitate to voice acting of their desires, no matter how they it did not seem ashamed. And in the end I not held a single meeting with her, and as many as five.

    On the second-third-fourth the promised progress happened. Prezik was no more, and I carefully Light podpihivala rag, so I wiped my cock and cum from her body after konchaniya. Anal remained banned, but in your mouth it was the taking. Very briefly, during foreplay (in any case not for konchaniya), and implicitly demonstrating that doing blowjob just for my, but not his own pleasure. By Cooney reacted indifferently. In addition to the missionary, tested and pose a cancer, but when he wanted to learn a third - rider, then pristraivayas, Light lost her balance and from all over the maha blurted out to me, which caused us both Homeric laughter and all sorts of fun on the item of the Kama Sutra and places for extreme sex.

    And it turned out one more thing. Light was an amateur porn. Some of the collection she showed me to the second meeting, and the third I nadybal from internet, recorded and gave her a DVD-ROM, 4 GB, with video files in a variety of genres and styles, ranging from poluminutnoy recording quivering phone and ending with the German classics with unfading «Oh yes! Das ist fantastisch! »From the blond beast, fucked in all respiratory and pihatelnye.

    Long life alone the cause or something else, I can not judge, but an orgasm from masturbation Light received at porn. Mainly from their usual fingers, but a couple of times, and I did. And I masturbate me with much more spark and interest than sucking. It seems to me, even fuck her so did not stir as mutual masturbation. Stubbornly refuse to from the sale of what he saw on the screen. Considering this manual sex almost shameful perversion, he insisted on the fulfillment of the standard of sexual intercourse. Applying such a ridiculous argument "okay with you whore, and suddenly get married, he thinks." Despite the fact that earlier about any future husband and did not want to hear the truth, that the sex she needs for health and family life was not for her, children do not want to, will lead better kitten or puppy.

    A fifth meeting, unfortunately, turned out to be greased again, and slurred. Light hurry, it is a 16-00 call the master to assess the scope of the forthcoming renovation of rooms (usually I visited her and remained in the 15-00 to 17-00), and in a hurry to clean up their arrival. TV with DVD-player and have not been included, blowjob and masturbation ignored, and the deja vu of the first times I almost made me cum in her thinking that sheathed tool. But, of course, cost. Cloth, shower, dressing. Light dresses are no longer frivolous gown and outfit befitting a solid teacher of high school.

- Phoned - I smile dimpled cheeks, she responded to a question at parting with, when and where we will meet the next time, if the repair business will move forward.
And the more we have not met (C). It just so happened. Repair all went on and on, to my house the light is not wanted, the hotel sauna is not directly rejected, but apparently feared begun feeding "breakfast." You do not want to - as you wish.

    Eighteen months ago, I found her profile on the popular sots.seti. Hello, hello, how are you - what's new? "Why, - he says - got married, gave birth to twins, is on maternity leave, look at pictures." I looked out of 100 photos in 99 different albums for children. Implemented means that all the mothers of Light. And the rest sent a good friend, a professional painter, graphic look, it looks like my hundredth of a woman artist's eye.

    What else to say remarkable? What other milestone was the heroine of the story for the author what the countdown began for me with a second hundred, as if from scratch? Probably, that having entered into a notebook cherished number "100", I began to think, how to retain female characters and types, capture the emotions and events associated with them? The answer you already know and read many years ...

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After going on several central streets of Rio, I turned to the area favell, on a side street very often composed of small nondescript houses. Almost next to each lane was the company inflated guys 16-20 years, and the local gang. It was early morning, and none of the tourists on this street did not exist. Passing near a group of guys, I felt like one of them, a strong young man 17 years dramatically grabbed me by the hand and, grinning, said something in Spanish. Embarrassed, I said nothing and did not even try to remove his hand.

After a moment, I was surrounded by a crowd of the same strong still very young, but with steel muscles, guys. They said that the grinning white-toothed smile in my face, but I could not make out but the word «fuck». I tried to get out of the circle, but I squeezed harder. I felt several hands on their buttocks jerked, cried out, but I clamped my mouth and began to push me to the nearest narrow alley. There they unceremoniously, instantly, with a bang on my torn shirt.

The fact that they were going to do with me, I myself realized by the brilliant eyes of boys, as well as large mounds on their jeans. At the same moment on the body poured hot, hazy consciousness, when I presented that will make him nearly two dozen young strong guys.

The boys quickly threw off their clothes and at the same time I pushed forward, and I fell on my knees in front of several bulging naked youths. Near my face immediately turned facing three major member. A sharp man grabbed me by the hair, so I screamed, opening his mouth, and he immediately pushed to a standing pillar, and already covered with sweat member. Two other guys were standing firmly on the side so I could not escape. Suck this huge dick was not that uncomfortable, almost impossible. But the guy was impatient, and with enviable persistence began immediately to try to push their already incredibly hardened member dvadtsatitrehsantimetrovy me in the throat.

Actually, I did not time it, but a member of the 17-year-old Brazilian stallion was too large in girth, and I almost could not breathe. Once he still got his way, and put in its huge trunk completely, and I felt the most glands huge hot head, he became, under the approving laughter of his friends, at intervals of a few seconds to have me in the mouth. My body shook from retching, cramped throat spasms, mouth, with stringy squish streams dripping foam of saliva and grease. I felt the back, slip someone's fingers, eagerly groping my hole between my buttocks. I groaned when a moment later they were in me.

I saw his cock bulging veins, grease droplets dripping from the head, and I thought, that guy is about to finish. However, they were hard nuts, they ceased to move members in my mouth when they heard voices outside, but when the voices fell silent, and the toilet has no one left, they continued to hammer away at me, and it lasted for thirty minutes. With one member in your mouth, I still somehow cope, but when the attempt to cram into my mouth more and the second term was made, I was afraid, because twins can I simply tear his mouth screwed. At this moment, my throat hit a powerful jet of sperm, which I frantically began to swallow, so as not to drown. I barely had time to swallow their sperm, why she became a drain on the corners of the mouth to the neck.

At that moment I felt that my anus was leaning against someone's very huge hard cock. I immediately set his teeth, because it is impossible to describe the acute and burning sensation that is felt when a giant phallus, slowly pushing my anus began to move forward, almost tearing everything inside me, as no lubrication in addition to their own saliva young Brazilian stallion not used. The pain was just terrible. But I could not scream, because my mouth was a member, and to forget about the pain I focused entirely on the penis, which was in my mouth, trying to relax as much as possible.

Suddenly, a member in my ass froze for a second, and then a sharp impetus came so that my balls knocked about eggs Man, that was behind. I was completely impaled on a giant dick, I felt unbelievable, from the realization that I have pumped up the young guy who all worked up at great speed hammering his bull cock in my narrow ass. The boy was holding my hips, moving her hips back and forth almost completely pulling the penis and again will drive it to full length. Soon, he moaned loudly and a sharp thrust drove a member so far that it seemed to me that he will come out of my mouth, and powerful finish. Orgasm was extraordinary power.

When a guy is completely lowered and pulled out his penis and stood next to me. I bent down and took him in the mouth. Now my ass appeared in all its glory before staring down at her rapists. Blurred consciousness, I realized that they were loud, seeing my unstretched stiff point. For a while they were arguing among themselves, apparently deciding - who begin. They decided for me is not very good, because I saw my ass, and went 20 years huge muscular guy. Between his legs dangled something difficult. I reviewed the various mountain porn. But, never seen such a monstrously huge cock. I instantly began to tremble all over, imagining that he now will push it to me.

I jerked up, trying to get up, but immediately received a severe blow from the guy who took in his mouth. He grabbed me by the hair and bent again to his crotch. I limply on his knees, with his ass up and waited for her to start to push what I saw a second ago. Point hardly smeared with saliva and I felt this huge instrument is inserted into it. It felt like if I was to get someone put his knee. I suddenly thought that he will never be able to push me in this vast, and a sigh of relief and relax the body. But I was wrong. First, the guy pressed lightly, slowly and I felt stretched my point, letting part of his huge head.

I groaned aloud, do not know what more of: from the burning of pleasure or pain. But a moment later, the guy grabbed me firmly by the hips, pressed much more and I cried out of terrible pain, he tried to escape. But I held on tight. The pain was unbearable. Man pressed harder and swam consciousness, I realized that he was going to tear me. I'm not shouting, but only pathetically opened his mouth in a silent scream, swallowing air and shaking his head helplessly. Unfortunately it was only the beginning of torture. With each thrust, he began to put on me more deeply into your tridtsatisantimetrovy phallus. Probably the first time I understood then in his life, what a real pain. My sphincter proved terribly stretched and lost time from the pain all his composure, I abruptly threw his head back and arched his body and let out a terrible scream.

I quickly became convinced that if I pull back even a centimeter, as a huge dick harder tear my anus. All my pathetic jerks forward were too insignificant compared to the subsequent movement wet with sweat and grease steel bull youths member who penetrated deeper into my body and it seemed was now somewhere in the abdomen, crushing bear inside. Continuing to yell, I desperately looked down and saw an unusual bulge around the navel, to designate the position of his phallus.

I had time to think, he tore me in the stomach and lost consciousness. I woke up from the uniform shocks. This is the other guy fucked me in the ass. Apparently he had already finished, because the tremors were sharp and quick, and he groaned. Without opening his eyes, I could hear his heavy breathing loud in my ear ... and then his body several times shuddered and fell silent for a few seconds he was on me. He stood up, and I opened my eyes. I think in the time that I was sedated, the people in the lane greatly increased. To be more precise - it was packed with naked guys. I lay the hood, which was all filled with sperm and then ..

Seeing that I was awake, one guy immediately put it to my mouth standing pillar member. I took it. A few hands lifted me and I stood up again on his knees, with sticking up booty. Supported me until I push back the next. I do not know how much they have already passed through me, but it seems that with me made the first, had passed for me just like that. I have never had such severe pain in the lower abdomen. I almost felt a skewer me at that moment a member, though, and saw that its dimensions are much larger than average. All this continued for a long time, as it was then I thought - about six hours anal razdiralova for which I probably went through a few dozen men.

The rape lasted for about 6 hours. During this time I have done countless blowjob and drank a huge amount of semen. When children do not have strength left, they went away, leaving me lying in puddles of their sweat and semen. My whole face was covered with sperm, it flowed out of your ass, which burned like it was poured pepper. Something like wiping off the sweat and sperm remnants torn T-shirt, I decided to get out of here as soon as possible and houses rushed to the street, as quickly as allowed rent, and burning ass ...

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