- You'll pay for that deprived me of the automatic evaluation of the exam - Lida furiously looking at Vera, her nostrils flared.
- I wonder how? - Asked the girl, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorjamb in a casual pose.
- I ... I ... - Lida anger speechless.
- Naturlich, - said her faith. (Him. "Of course") Lida issued a furious exclamation, and immediately rushed to the girl, holding out his hands. Faith was about to leave the room, where there were dismantling, but there it was. Lida grabbed her by the collar and blouse, shaking several times, dragged him to the side. Vera tripped and fell on the sofa, shmyaknuvshis face down. Lida collapsed on top.
- I hate you, rubbish! - She began scratching the other, she fiercely resisted.
They fought for several minutes, exhausted soon. Vera and Lida froze, catching his breath. One cheek sported a very long scratch, were torn stockings, and bounced a few buttons on the blouse, skirt ridden up, exposing the femur. The other had been broken almost all the nails, the hair had escaped from a neat ponytail, also torn pantyhose. In general, the girls looked not very attractive. They never were in the position - Vera lying on the couch and sat on top of Lida.
The girls laughed nervously. Faith suddenly grabbed Lida hands.
- What are you doing? - Dumbfounded she asked, trying to snatch the wrist, but she held on tight.
- Forgiveness does not want to ask for? - Faith smirked.
- That you have to ask for forgiveness, stupid - Lida grunted in response and made an attempt to get off the couch, but she held her.
- If you want, I'll ask - she said seriously.
- Ask - arrogantly said Lida, expecting that now Vera dropped to his knees.
But she suddenly moved his hands on the girl's chest and began stroking slowly, as if afraid to frighten off. Lida watched her hands, but did not move, waiting for what will happen next.
And then Vera started to unbutton her blouse girl, continuing to massage the breast. Soon she took off her, and Lida was left in a red satin bra simple. Her breasts, about a second and a half size, appetizing looked out the bra cups.
I must say that the door through which the girl entered the university common room, still remained open open. It was late, about five in the evening, at the University of virtually no one at this time. But sometimes, nevertheless, some students remained. So it might be now. At any time, anyone could enter the room, but the girls for some reason this did not matter - they were busy affair. Lida stood up, giving freedom of movement to Vera. She sat cross-legged on the couch and beckoned the girl. Lida stood on the floor in front of her on his lap. Faith pushed the bra, and the eyes appeared a beautiful full breasts with dark nipples buttons. Lida gasped - a look looked at her friend that she immediately start. Faith continued to caress his chest. She ran her tongue around the left nipple, slightly moved her lips around the hemisphere chest and then started kissing, sucking, biting, rubbing nipples. She kissed one of them, a little wiggling his tongue.
Lida issued a low moan of pleasure. Faith gagged her mouth with his hand, they may not see, but hear if Lida is moaning like a can. She suddenly got up from the sofa, took her friend's hand and went to the door. He closed it with a key, Faith leaned back against the door. Lida took the hint and began to unbutton her blouse girlfriend. It shows a third the size of the breast in black bra, complete, perfect shape. Lida began to kiss and lick her, trying to bring no less fun. Vera moaned already without stopping, but not loud, yet fearing that they may be heard. From these moans girl, caressing his chest, excited. Faith finally figured raise skirt Lida. She slipped her hand under the small panties, once in velvety warmth is concentrated femininity. She bit her finger caressed the clitoris, and then wanted to go lower, but accidentally hurt a fingernail gentle bump. Lida moaned so loudly that Vera wanted to have a free hand once again hold her friend's mouth.
- Are you hurt? - I asked Faith.
- I'm insanely nice - Lida looked at the girl's dark with desire eyes full of lust.
Girls fell on a carpet in a pose 69. Faith was biting her bottom and the clitoris girlfriend, from which she writhed and clenched thighs. When the girl's tongue passed to the entrance of the vagina, her sharp nail remained in the clitoris and also caressed him. Soon Lida huddled in convulsions, trembling all over.
- Oh, my God, - she cried, clutching his hands hips girlfriend.
Faith spurred orgasm Lida, and she continued to fondle her pussy with a vengeance. Lida was moaning non-stop, constantly and so sweet that the Faith was already aroused. She was always excited female moans as she could remember.
Lida, offended, it is clear that it is not possible to bring the Faith to orgasm, too, began furiously licking and biting clitoris while thrusting two fingers into the vagina and constantly uttering erotic moans. Soon, Vera could not stand this torture, he shook in spasms. Girls began furiously to deliver e pyr other pleasure, they constantly moaned and finishing.
When Vera slowed language of fingers, Lida twitched and quickly jumped to a friend. She rushed to his desk, where there were several narrow glasses with pencils. Empty the contents of the table, Lida took two and solemnly handed a girlfriend. She smiled and gestured (Faith still continued to lie on the floor).
What then began ... Girls furiously shoved each other plastic cups and moved them at a breakneck pace. Moaning does not stop for a minute. Faith felt the approach of a stormy orgasm in her life and moaned Lida, so that she would not stop. The girl obeyed and accelerated movement. Faith suddenly became violently twitching, literally jumping in place, and a very loud moan. The muscles of the thighs contracted with incredible speed, the very same girl almost fainted struck by her delight. Lida pulled the glass out of the vagina and turned to her friend, who was lying, tightly closed eyes and slightly parted lips. Her breast rose and fell often. Faith felt a kiss on his lips, but did not respond to the forces ...

  • 80
In a certain kingdom, in some States there were three brothers peasant. They squabbled among themselves and started to share. The estate was divided unequally, the senior went to a lot, and the third chosen by lot had enough. All three were unmarried; They came together in the yard and talk amongst themselves:
- It is time we de-marry.
- You are well - says the younger brother - you are rich and wealthy betrothed; and I-what to do? I am poor, I do not have any logs, and only wealth that's ... th in the knee! At the same time I passed the merchant's daughter, overheard the conversation and thinking to myself:
- Ah, if I get married to this young man, he's ... th-that knee!
That's older brothers were married, and the youngest goes blank. A daughter of a merchant came home only on the mind and keeps to marry him. Woo her various wealthy merchants, but not beyond them.
- For anyone - he says - I am not going to marry okromya such a young man.
Father and mother persuade her:
- What are you, a fool up to? Come to your senses! How does one go for the poor man?
She answers:
- The needs of this you do not have to, do not you live with him! That merchant's daughter persuaded himself matchmaker and sent to the guy, so it certainly was wooing.
Matchmaker came to him and said:
- Look, darling! Are you yawning? Go to woo the daughter of a merchant, it has long been waiting for you and gladly for you will go.
Good is now gathered, I put on a new's coat, took a new cap, and went straight into the yard to the merchant matchmaker marry his daughter. As a merchant's daughter saw him and knew that it was truly the one who h..y knee, did not speak and began to ask her father, the mother of their parental blessing forever indestructible. She lay sleeping with her husband the first night and sees that he hu ... shka so-so, less finger.
- Oh, you rascal! - I screamed at him. - You boasted that you h ... th in the knee. Where are you his affairs?
- Ah, wife, madam, twist you know that I am a bachelor was very poor as was the wedding is going to play - money I did not have, not on what was up, and I gave my x ... under second mortgage.
- And for how much you laid him?
- Not for much, just fifty rubles.
- Well, well well, tomorrow I will go to my mother, vyproshu money, and you're sure to ransom your s ... th, and not redeemed - and do not go home!
Now I wait until morning and ran to his mother and says:
- Do me a favor, my mother, give me fifty rubles, very fit!
- Yes, tell me what you need something?
- But, Mother, why; my husband had th ... x knee, and how we began to play the wedding, his, poor, not what was up, and he laid his fifty rubles. Tepericha my husband hu ... shka so-so, less than the fingers, so absolutely must buy it a hundred ing th ... x!
The mother, seeing a need, took out fifty rubles - and gave her daughter. That resort home, gave the money to her husband and said:
- Well, you tepericha run as soon as possible, the redemption of his old st ... x, let the wrong people do not use it!
He took the money and went to fellow with eyes away; He goes and thinks:
- Where do I tepericha go? Where's this ... I have to get my wife? I go aimlessly.
He walked near or far eh, how soon, short l, and met an old woman.
- Hi Grandma!
- Hello, my good man! Where are you going?
- Oh, Grandma, if you knew, was in charge of my grief where I'm going!
- Tell me, my dear, your sorrow, I may thy sorrow and posoblyu.
- To say it is a shame!
- Probably, not ashamed, and speak boldly.
- But, Grandma, I boasted that I th ... x knee, heard the speech merchant's daughter and married me, and how spent the night with me first a night and saw that my hu ... shka so-so, less finger, she balked, began to ask:
- What to do with a big h ... th!
And I told her that laid, say, fifty rubles. Here she gave me the money and said that certainly he bought; but if he does not redeem it, to home and did not show up. I do not know that my little head and do something!
The old woman says:
- Give me your money, I posoblyu your grief.
He's pulled out and gave her all the fifty rubles, and the old woman gave him a ring.
- For - he says - Take this ring, put on just one nail.
The guy took the ring and put on; how to put on nagotok - x ... nd he once did on the elbow.
- Well, - I said the old woman, - will be your h ... th in the knee?
- Yes, my grandmother, had enough below the knees.
- Come on, darling, nadvin ring on a finger. He pulled a ring on a finger - he tential-tered x th ... seven miles.
- Oh, Grandma, where did I had Dan? Vit me trouble with it will be!
And the old woman:
- Nadvin ring again on the nail - is with her elbow. Tepericha with you enough! Look well, always wear a ring on just one nail.
He thanked the old woman and went back home. Progress and happy that not with empty hands will be his wife. He walked and walked and wanted him to eat. Way to turn it to the side and sat down near the road about thistles, took out knapsacks crackers, soak in water and biting. I wanted him to rest; he immediately went belly up and admiring the ring. Bearing down on the nail - x ... st rose up on his elbow, pulled on a finger - x ... st climbed to seven miles away, took off the ring and became a hu ... shka small still, but the old way. Looked-I looked at the ring, and so they fell asleep, and forgot to hide the ring, left on his chest. I drove by in a carriage one gentleman with his wife and he saw: a man is sleeping nearby, and on his chest glow ring, glow like the sun burns. Stopped master of horses and a footman says:
- Come to this peasant, take the ring and bring it to me.
Lackey is now ran and brought the ring master: So they drove on. A gentleman admires ring.
- Look, my dear, - said his wife - what a nice ring. Let me wear it. And immediately pulled on a finger - he's th ... stretched out, shoved the driver from the box and just to please the mare by the tail. Mare shoves, but the wheelchair moves forward. He saw a lady that matter, hard scared and cries with a loud voice to the waiter:
- Run quickly back to the man, bring it here!
The waiter rushed to the man, woke him up and said:
- Go, little man, rather to his master.
A man looking for a ring.
- Fuck, so you took the ring?
- Do not look, - says the waiter, - go to the master, the ring had it, my brother, has done us a lot of trouble. The man ran to a wheelchair ... his master asks him:
- Forgive me, my grief benefits!
- And what you give, sir?
- Here's a hundred rubles.
- Come on, two hundred, so posoblyu!
The gentleman took two hundred rubles, the man took the money but stole the master hand with a ring - s ... I was gone, stayed with his old master hu..shka, master left, and the man went home with his ring.
Seeing his wife through the window, ran to meet him.
- Well, - he asks - bought?
- Bought!
- Well show you!
- Go into the house, not in the court told you to show. They went into the house: and his wife just keeps saying:
- We will show, but show you.
He pulled the ring on the nail, steels ... th from his elbow and pulls out portok says:
- Look, my wife.
She conceived him to kiss.
- Here, hubby! Let such things better than good if we will, than to strangers. Let's have dinner as soon as possible, go to bed, try!
- Now instruct on the board of various food and drink water so feed it. Watered so it feeding. We had lunch, and went to rest. As he scolded his wife ... it's because she is three days under the hem itself stare all she imagining that sticks between the legs!
She went to her mother on a visit, and my husband is the young days went into the garden and lay down under the apple tree.
- Well, - he asks the mother of his daughter, - to buy, whether you ... th-that?
- Ransom, my dear!
That's only the merchant's wife that thinks how to manage to run to in-law, daughter pokudova zdesya, but try it's great ... I. The daughter of a conspiracy, and mother-in-law-and got away to the son-in, ran to the garden, looking-in-law and myself asleep, the ring he wore on the nail - x ... st century-it with the elbow.
- Let me teperecha climbed to his h ... d - mother-in-law thinks climbed on and let's ... yu Wiggle, here on the trouble has befallen once sleepy son-in ring on a finger, and dragged x. ..y mother in law up to seven miles.
The daughter sees that her mother had gone kuda-to guessed and ran home, in the house - no one is in the garden - look - her husband was asleep, it's th ... high sticking, as seen at the top chut-chut mother in law. As the wind give in - and she's on zavertitsya ... e, as if to goad. What to do with a mother's ... I take off? Came running to the spot by the thousand people have become so contrive to think. Some say:
- Nothing more to do, how to take an ax, let's pull up th ...,
And others say:
- No, it's not good enough! During that two souls to ruin: how will cut x-th ... because the woman falls to the ground, it will be killed. Better world to pray, perhaps by what miracle the old lady with you ... I will fall down!
At that time-in-law woke up, he saw that he had a ring put on the whole finger and x th ... sticking to the sky for seven miles and pressed him to the ground, so as to turn on the other side it is impossible! He began to slowly move the ring from his finger, he became the second you ... fall off. I moved on nogot- steels ... nd with the elbow, and sees in-law, that is, mother-in-law's ... sticks.
- You, my dear, how here?
- Sorry, zyatyushko, will no longer!

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Hey. My name is Nastya, I'm almost 18 years old, I'm studying at the university. This summer, parents are left to rest in Spain, leaving me at the cottage for the owner. The session I passed with no debt, so that you can relax until 1 September.
One morning, I was awakened by the cries of the gate: "Hey, the owners, is there anyone at home?" I got into shorts, pulled topic (since childhood love sleeping naked), and went to see who it was noisy.
Going up to the fence, I saw a boy who was about to leave.
- What's that noise? - I asked him.
- Call someone from the adults - the young man asked.
-And I do that? Children what? Outlines the problem, or you can be free, I am now for the hostess.
- I would ask, can have a job on the farm?
After examining the boy picky eyes, I felt a pleasant sipping abdomen.
Boy, I must admit, it was very nice: pleasant, open face with big brown eyes, short brown hair, athletic figure, neat clothes, in short, he was not like bomzhik or Gaster.
- We need firewood splitting, put them in sarayku, still have to mow the grass trimmer. What you ask for a job? - I said already, in principle, decide for yourself.
The boy looked at a pile of wood, looked at the lawn with grass:
- 500 rubles, you do not scare this figure. You can haggle.
- The figure does not scare, let's not haggle when to start work?
- Right now, if you show where to get the ax.
- Go to start, stop vykat, my name is Nastya, let's go, popem tea and get acquainted.
- My name is Anton, I came to the aunt, her house on an adjacent track, she works as an accountant in the gardening, but I somehow is not convenient to ask her every day on cigarettes but to different things. So sometimes I hire an assistant like that.
- The correct solution, I also take the Internet halturku- translate texts, I was in an English school, so fluent in English, to teach themselves more German.
So talking, we went to the veranda. I brewed us fresh tea, made sandwiches. The young man thanked me for tea is a well-formed sentence in the English language. He was beginning to like me more and more.
- Can I call you Anton, Anton and then somehow too formal - I asked the fellow, as we walked into the barn for a cleaver.
- It is possible, - the young man replied, pulling a T-shirt and baring beautiful tanned torso.
Again I felt the longing in the lower abdomen, it should be noted that I have always liked men older than me, virginity I stripped our school physical education teacher, when I was almost 14, and I had to practically seduce, but today I really wanted to make love with this nice malchikom- Antosha.
Weather still prettier, by noon the thermometer showed 24 degrees of confidence in the shade. I decided to cook for dinner hash. I went to the store, bought a brew and a few cans of beer. When I got dragged Anton already chopped firewood in the shed, slide not stab decreased markedly.
-I would recommend to go to the shower, will soon be dinner, all in such heat is not recommended to do manual labor, let's have lunch, have a cigarette is sensitive, and there is heat and slowly started to fall - I said, handing a towel to Anton.
The boy went to a summer shower, and I slowly climbed up to the attic, there was opened a wonderful view of the shower to see what he looks like without clothes. A look at what. Athletic body, covered with a tan, he looked like a young figure ancient god, tan, strong hands, neat ass and of course, beautiful segment, shrunk from the cold water. I am sorry that in a hurry not picked up his father's binoculars.
After dinner, we sat down to smoke in tenyok. I tried to untwist Antosha talk about sex, from the conversation I found out that the relationship with the girls in his strained, and in general it is likely a virgin. It has brought me even more, and I decided to act immediately.
I went into the shower, took off his clothes and carefully washed all the intimate places. Standing in the cool streams of water, I thought, looking at me if Anton through the translucent plastic walls of the shower stall.
- Anton, I forgot a towel on the bench, bring, please! - I shouted, turning off the water.
When the boy's hand, holding a towel, opened the door shower, I grabbed his wrist and dragged into a jerk. The young man looked at me taken aback, I did not give him time to recover, clung to his lips a long kiss. My hands pressed coveted body. I clung to him, my hands dropped his gum under the sports trousers and caressed his buttocks. I felt his awakening desire his stomach.
- Anton, I want you, I want right here and now, - I whispered in the ear of my friend, - Relax, do not say anything and do not do, I'll do it myself.
I knelt down, while pulling off Antoshka pants with shorts, his pisya already podnabrat forces seemed very rushed. I pulled the foreskin and ran her tongue around the frenulum. Pisya grew up in his eyes. I took it into his mouth and began to gently lick. My hands caressed the delicate skin of the scrotum.
Antosha I helped to sit down on a bench that stood there and then helped him to take off before the end of pants, shorts.
Anton as though still in shock. Then I put it back on the bench, his beautiful member, in an excited state and eighteen centimeters in length, three centimeters thick, as they say, my favorite size, was already completely ready to use. I stood up on the guy, slowly began to introduce his boyfriend in my pussy. As soon as he immersed himself in the full-length, I tried to move her hips. Antoshka his hands caressed my breasts. But he moaned, screamed and began to actively pour me cum. "Egoist" - I thought to myself.
- Do not worry, because it is often the first time. And the conditions are not so good. Let's move into the house - I said aloud.
I roll up in the towel, Anton put on panties, so as not to scare your views bystander ran to the house. My bed in the morning was unmade. I pulled her panties again with her partner and pushed him onto the bed. That's what youth! Whenever I only touch his lips zalupke as my friend was ready for action. I lay down on Antosha, helped his pisun penetrate me.
- Just do not hurry, it is better to lie down and not move - I'll do it myself! - Instructed the boy's hips and begin to move. Anton hands explored the parts of my body, to which he could reach. His hands then squeezed my buttocks, then caressed the nipple, then stroked her thighs.
I tried to prolong the pleasure, below me lay a handsome boy, his friend rammed my pussy, I bent down and found Anton's lips. Again, we have merged in a kiss, our tongues explored each other's mouths. So good I had long been gone. I felt a surge of boat waves of heat, my vagina tighter girth Antoshina boyfriend, here more, more, more movements and I reach in order to strive for. I scream, I break through sweat, thanks to this good boy. I'm in seventh heaven, but my beau is not complacent. He turned me on my back and continues to tyrannize my vagina. "Come on, more, more active, more active -" I'm trying to persuade Antosha.
Antoshka to the limit, he whispers something to me, his movements become jerky, and here we are with him we finish almost simultaneously. So I still have no fucking. Two orgasms one after the other. I'm so pleased to feel the young body is so pleasant to smell it. We turn now I'm on top again. I turn valetikom lips and start to caress this wonderful pussy. First I lick the remnants of sperm, then bares zalupku, I lick it like a big lollipop, it hardens and is poured, I take it in my mouth, trying to push it as far as possible. Hands I caress the ass boy mus his buns. Licking her finger ... start them gently play with anal hole Anton. For my finger, extending a secret hole, almost all included in Antosha.
I gently massaging the prostate, pisechka in my mouth straining begins to pulsate and now she spews at me a few more servings of sperm.
Exhausted, we lay on the bed. Outside the window, a wonderful summer.
- Antoshka! Enough for today, cut wood. I know a great place on the lake where you can swim naked.
We are rapidly going, I make my mokik and we're going to the lake, Anton, sitting behind, pressed tightly against me, probably at this moment in the world there is no girls happier than me.

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The reader
History is written based on real events, about which I know, and even communicated with one of the participants, but not all of them are true ... she guessed something, something that I have.
I stood on the threshold of two-storey house, and did not dare to ring the doorbell. I realize that there will begin her new world, bans, discovery, passion and pain. It was very scary and at the same time, in the lower abdomen, warm, even hot charcoal, felt the excitement. I pulled his hand and confident movement gripped the bell. All road back is no longer ...
How it all began? I do not know, probably since when saw the film, where the prisoner took the girl, tied her up, punched in the face, was treated as a creature, it was not an erotic film, a simple action, but then in 10 years, I was excited, unconsciously, I wanted to please himself, during the movie, I often ran to the toilet, but did not understand what happened to me, and back again in the evening of the same day, I took a rope, after an unsuccessful attempt to tie the hands of the most, I went to the neighbor peers, and we started to play in binding. When I came home with a tied behind their backs hands, and red from podschechen cheeks, parents were shocked, I did not touch, not abused, the evening went to the neighbors with the rope, they were not somewhere for an hour, and then behind the wall could be heard piercing vizig and then a long lament. Then a child accused of sadism Lesco, but about me and do not think.
However, as time went on, I grew up in the 12 years to learn what sex, masturbation and more, I started masturbating, and while playing with herself or a slave, the slave market, or captive wild Indians, in 13 years, except for simple dialogues with myself, about my price, or about how I will rape the shaman of the tribe of the offense, the first time I tried to bring the pain, first do improvezirovanuyu whip, strike gets weak, the pain I felt at least. But the excitement was terrible ... Somewhere in this time I purchase a computer, where I made it a rule to write something that will be with me today, after the performance, I usually deleted inscriptions. At this time I began to actively experiment, I tied a thin wire from the headphones to the fan, and lay down under the biting blows, but still rather weak, tried and tortured with water, including under a lot of pressure directing cold or very hot streams to your body. Connect online, reviewing hundreds of photographs on the topic of the sex, I realized that I was not in this world alone. From internet I learned and clothespins, clamps, tried, liked it. On one of those days much hornier, I wanted to try as they are, in the photographs, wanted me to have a lord or lady, that same evening, I shoved (the first time) his anus pencil.
For 14 years, I grew up, I had a slim athletic figure, a small but beautiful breasts, flat tummy, very nice, a little snub-nosed face, and constantly dangling behind two tail light. At 14 I started to attack guys, one I even met 4 months, maximum course was kiss passionately. Once we'd had a fight, I'm in the heat hit him in the face, he paused, looked at me, and was about to turn away, I hit him again, he lost his temper, and also punched me lightly oplyuhu, I walked a couple of steps and sat down on the ground, in that moment, I felt very excited, I cried out to him that I wanted to trace him, he said, he realized that he could get me, even as a woman and as a slave.
After that, I was bored, all my games have stopped, the Internet in connection with the move lost a half a year. After half a year I was in Internet cafes wandered porn site with BDSM video re-download all the stick, I returned home, the evening was a roast. And I remembered about the nipples, and about a fan with a cord, about the pencil in the ass.
The next night, in a folder with videos, I found only a text document it was nadpis- "so it more nebylo." I blushed and frightened parents behaved as usual, but now I know that someone knows about my preferences.
But with time everything is forgotten, I have spent there again. The speed was high enough where I have seen enough video been reading stories, then there was a series of communicating with people under the pseudonym "sweetie cat" like a boy who wants to become a master, and to have slaves.
I was 17 years old, I was sitting on a dating site, in the BDSM section as here, I received a registered letter from Ms Elvira,
"What little girl, do so want to be a slave?" I was osholomlena, and sent
"How do you know gospazha?"
"I feel like you '
After a long time we corresponded, she told me about psychology, then about the philosophy of BDSM, and then agreed that I would be her virtual slave, it is clear that I did not do a quarter of what it is I ordered, I even clothespins enjoyed every 2 months, only very excited. But I support the communication.
And here the summer before 9th grade, I walked a lot, not only sat in the internet, virtually ceased to masturbate pussy, though instead began to actively ostovatsya with girlfriends and friends, where all the evening passed in 2 two cheap bottles of beer and cigarettes, where I started smoking .
Pyanoy tumbled once inside, I was punished, and left the house for a month, a month of summer time, after a few days in prison in the house, I once again began to climb on sites and forums, wrote Elvira. And then get the answer that I won a bad slave, and what is not worth even her servants to obey, I long izvenyayus, and then received a letter that I sent my foty naked, with a face, and only restored our relationship, I doubt but then foolishly decided, was photographed in the bathroom naked. In response to Fautua I received a letter saying that I now will not be a virtual slave, that for me, this fate will be better smoking and drinking, that it is not a brothel my hands over and her friend Madame, alternative - all my foty get on the cover porn magazines, for some reason I believed her, and then they sent me the address and the time when will be ...
I did not expect that so simple and surprisingly, I was not just to persuade parents to let me on the day trip, I gave an oath that drops into the mouth does not take alcohol.
And here I am, standing in front of paneled wood doors, and wait as she will, and I will go to another world ...
Very soon the continuation of the story is do not take, just before the story

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Maybe you're not going to wear panties? -lezha on the bed, I said to my wife. I have half an hour and was ready ka lay watched Nat carefully dressed
- What, I do not wear new pants, and without them as it, in fact cool on the outside.
- What if you or anyone under the hand pushes its dress? I -sehidnichal
- Nefig climb where not asked.
- I would be ashamed of you if any of your boyfriends stumble on so-called panties. He continued to bring his wife-mixture.
- What you do not like my panties? And anyway, I do not dress for someone else but for you!
- Well, if these two names do you lace panties, I am silent, and dress of course for me, but vertihvostit will over others. I 'continued to display his wife, knowing that she does not like this crown.
- If you do not like the way I dressed, then tell me what to wear?
- It's okay honey, you just hurry up, we're late, and I went and street.
Sitting in the car, I watched as my wife, graceful gait approached the car. She was sexually provocative. I thought to myself that even though she no longer so young and not so graceful but still damn attractive as a sexual object. something she had from nature such that I have 18 years I can not understand. What the fucking in it is incorporated, and she did not even have to vertihvostit. And what is she in bed? Something poludyshi and there, but it is good!
On the way I looked at her knees, they've always excited, but I just watched. Nat unwittingly taught me long ago that if you where to go, I should not touch it. That is to say be patient, and to initiate and then take me as you please. And over the years, I even like the beginning.
Entering the restaurant I always like Shoal in Zadie Nata and beat arrogant attitudes of men from his wife. We have already perfected. For Nata it as a sign of whether it looks good. If men devour hungrily and some women jealous, my wife thought it was quite good looking. And me in a trick to kill the men, looking them straight in the eye and brazenly. Many people immediately look away in fear.
-And here and the last guests, late late-cute fun birthday welcomed. We sat beside him and quickly poured us free kick. I did not drink because he was driving and was not part of my plans. And his wife despite the failures even so little sipped. The evening was quite fun and coming to an end. The girls went to the bathroom and we stayed at the table.
-Look at your wife just lovely! -in floor vote said already well intoxicated birthday.
-Yes, it is good! - I said, and looking in his eyes asked a birthday-you want her? If you want, you can organize.
-Well, you joker! -ulybayas Mario (birthday)
-I'm not kidding, if you wish, you can, but let's talk a little later without witnesses. I said-solid and changed the subject and another subject.
Whoopee continued for another couple of hours and already quite drunk all decided to go home. I suggested some couples ride up to the house, and of course birthday. Merry company, we hit the road. Mario was the last. I offered to accompany him to the apartment. The three of us went to him. Already near the apartment Mario with my wife decided to have a smoke on the latter. They began a drunken conversation and I came to the wife with buttocks held her in silence and began gently caressing her belly and then with one hand gently kneaded her breasts. Mario glanced briefly over the actions of my hand on the chest of his wife. I second hand dropped below the belly and gently rubbed between the legs of Nata, who stood kakbudto nothing happens. At some point I caught sight of Mario, and my eyes have it and the hand of his wife who was Intermedia feet. Mario quite calmly accepted my offer and began to watch with interest for my hands. At the same moment Nat slightly filed ass back and arranged the legs.
- I told you that you can, and you will not believe! -Paul whisper I said to Mario. -If you like it you can.
- I like her ... ... noo! -minutnoe silence, and then enough confidence and assertiveness-Podymi ordered her dress and show her pussy.
Nat tutzhe pierced ox excitation. I felt something like it all began to fidget, and I was surprised and excited to the highest point. I quietly let go of his hand to the bottom of the dress, and putting his hand on his wife's leg began to slowly raise the dress looking at Mario reaction. About she stood devouring eyes as I slowly become bare feet wife, and she in turn stood motionless barely breathing. I reached the end chulochek and felt this hot body of his wife and then gently held his hand between the legs. Her panties were wet, and I lifted the dress higher.
- And her panties wet? 'I asked Mario
- Well, come and try it yourself. I replied and raised both hands to her waist dress almost wife.
Rather than run his hand between the legs of Mario's wife opened the door to the apartment and going one step turned around and stood in the doorway.
- Undress her and head up to me and put his knees and let her make the entrance blowjob. -proiznes it easy commanding manner.
- But we have a staircase-like beginning Nata
- Now the second half of the night, and if one or both would lead, then let envy. Mario said calmly.
I started this course of events, and I'm not letting my wife opomnitsa quickly raised his gown and pulled off his shoes and throwing panties and gently pushed his wife aside Mario standing in the doorway. Nata rather quietly succumbed and I failed my wife in a thick and slightly pressed down on her shoulders. Nat sat down on one knee.
-And now, my dear Get his cock and show you what my mistress.
Nat did not hurry, she first stroked his bulging bump, then he unbuttoned his pants slipped her hand into his pants. Play a little hand, she abruptly pulled out a hard cock Mario, and at the same time issued a growling sound enjoyment. Mario from Taqiy tricks wife already started, but my little wife already covered its second wave of pleasure, she plunged his cock as deep as possible in her mouth and bit him.
Mario grabbed the hair of his wife and shouted. Both froze. But after his wife earned mouth a couple of seconds. She furiously sucked his cock, and Mario stood at attention and enjoyed.
I was enjoying my little chubby little wife. I enjoyed the fact she gave kindness and drove with scrip her lover, as she enjoyed sitting at the feet of another man. Looking at a picture of the ongoing I was proud of his wife, because she was not there some sort of clumsy girl. But I do not enjoy long had. Mario stiffened like an electric shock from a grunt and filled her mouth with sperm wife. Nate pulled away from the penis, and went out to the playground spat semen on the floor. Then he came to me and asked coyly.
- Are you satisfied with my favorite?
- OOOO !! Yeah! You as always was on top! ... Look, he has not yet regained consciousness.
- Well, invite us to the apartment, or are we going?
Mario came to his senses and quickly invited us to the apartment. He changed retired to the bathroom, and my little wife sat down beside me and pulled my red-hot dick swallowed his beautiful mouth.
I could not tolerate for long and quickly finished. Nat got dressed and we settled down and the couch. Soon, Mario appeared. But tutzhe ran to the bathroom, my wife.
Mario took a good cognac, and we settled down comfortably started talking about what had happened. I explained to him that we have a pair of swing and how we like it, and he, in turn, told about himself and about his addiction to sex. It turned out that he had a lot of experience in group sex. Then we were joined by my lapatulka wife and we had a long conversation. In the morning we decided not to copulate and go home. Once we got into the car, my little wife passed out, and I went to enjoy it.

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Kirill I met in the autumn, when the leaves have fallen down from the trees and the first snow fell. In that fateful autumn day I ran Lera and shouted that our group found a bassist. This news pleased me, since the moment that left us last bassist rehearsal ended. I did not sing more and did not write the songs, life has become boring and monotonous. I quickly threw on the shoulders of a black raincoat cool and we Ljerka ran to her house, where we were waiting for the best bassist. On the way Leroy, it was keyboardist in the group, said that our new bass player named Cyril, he, like me, fourteen years old and he is learning with her in the same school and lived next door to her.
When I went into the apartment Lera, before my eyes, a tall, skinny guy who pulled at least sixteen years, not fourteen. He had a beautiful, slightly feminine features, tousled brown hair, gray eyes, lip piercings and four holes in each ear.
- Kirill is our vocalist - Kami, Kami, it's Kirill, our new bass player. - Introduce us Lera. (Actually my real name was Mary, but all my friends and acquaintances called me Kami, in honor of Japanese deities).
In general, I fell in love in our new bass player at first sight. Reciprocity he did not answer, but we had enough good friendships. This went on for six months. One day, he offered to go to his dacha for the summer. My parents each summer left for Finland, but for me at this time, keep an eye grandmother. Grandma let me go to his dacha.
So we had a whole summer. The first of June we got into the train, and three hours later were already near his cottage. He said that there is no one but us will not. That made me even more happy. That evening, when we arrived, he offered me a drink of wine. I, of course, agreed. We sat at a table, chatting merrily. The last thing I remember is how glass tinkled. Then I passed out.
I woke up lying on the bed creaking. My right nipple very sick, dizzy. I barely got up and looked around the room. In the chair he sat in front of Cyril. He smiled and handed me a mirror. I looked at him blankly and looked in the mirror. In the mirror I saw myself, but I was made up like a real whore. In conjunction with the short red-red hair looked like it especially vulgar.
I stared at Cyril all eyes, I have pondered bad, so I did not have time to organize his thoughts as Kirill was sitting next to me on the bed.
- Well, my dear bitch, get down? - He gently ran his hand over my face down to the neck, and then, without getting into livchik. Then, all the tenderness was gone and he had clutched my right nipple, which was ill. I screamed unconsciously.
- Painfully? - I laughed Cyril, he abruptly pulled off my shirt and then livchik. Resist me hurt amount of the wine. I do not even fully understand what is happening, but as soon as it was before poluobnazhonnoy frightened covering her breasts with his hands and blushed.
Corner of my eye I looked at the right nipple. It flaunted a metal ring. I anxiously stared at Cyril.
- It's you?
- Yeah - he nodded toward lying on the nightstand next to the bed catheters.
- What for? - I asked anxiously. I was hoping that all my dreams.
- What do you mean why? Do you still not understand?
With that, he pushed me on the bed and stared hungrily into my mouth at the same time removing the clothes from me and themselves.
Sobriety thoughts came back to me when he put the head of his swollen member (15 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter) to my vagina.
- No! Do not! You are welcome! - Only now I realized that he was going to do. I was still a virgin and wanted her to stay. Cyril gripped my hands and I could not escape. I was screaming, crying, writhing, but to no avail. Let me go, he is clearly not Sobieraj.
I choked with tears. He twisted my nipples, recently suffered a punctured right so much that it seemed to me that I lost consciousness a couple of minutes.
Finally, the Kirill widely parted my legs with his hands and brought me in the head of his penis. Pain is was not very strong, but when I think about it, he abruptly put his penis into me completely.
I screamed as cutting, crying, struggled. Kirill is very painful to hit me in the face, I stopped. He continued to fuck me. This pain I have ever felt. It hurt all: pussy, fuck that is large enough and thick cock, lips bitten to blood, head, after the hangover nipples that I pierced cheek at which struck me ...
Through the pain, I began to feel a pleasant sensation, which started to become stronger. I finally broke down and moaned loudly. So I experienced her first orgasm. Cyril fucked me another five minutes.
Finally, he pulled me into his penis. My vagina is badly hurt. I lay on the bed, all blubbered. The sheet was covered in blood. Cyril shoved in my mouth pill. I tried to spit it, but he said:
- Eat, slut, you want to get pregnant?
Then I obediently swallowed the pill.
- On your knees, bitch! - Cyril cried.
I did not react, then he hit me in the face and dragged by force to the floor and put it on his knees. He leaned against my lips on his penis, which was in my blood, secretions and semen.
- Suck!
I realized that resistance is useless and began to gently and tenderly take his cock in my mouth, in spite of the fact that I was very disgusted.
So I sucked five minutes, then Cyril took my head and began to fuck me in the mouth. I choked, tears again welling in his eyes.
- So it is necessary to suck! - He says.
After another fifteen minutes he came in my mouth. I vyplyunala sperm, for which he received three more are not weak slaps.
- Bitch! Quickly Slizhov all!
I began to lick the sperm from the dirty dusty floor. When I licked all, I fell exhausted to the floor.
- Go pomoysya and straighten makeup. Bath there. - Kirill pointed to the white door.
I collected all the remaining forces, got up and went to the door, but he called me Cyril:
- Kami, wait. I wanted to make it tomorrow, but I do not zavta doterplyu. Arise cancer. - He smiled and winked at me.
There was nothing, I got cancer. I am prepared to experience the pain again, perhaps even more strongly on that which was before, but it did not happen. On the other hand, Cyril began to lick my ass with his hot tongue. I groaned, I was very pleased, he sometimes licked my vagina, ass sometimes. My moans grew into a shout, I finished. At this point, Cyril put my dick in the ass. The pain was almost imperceptible, and she quickly gave way to a sweet delight to the senses. So he fucked me and ended almost immediately.
- All right, now go pomoysya.
I went into the bath and again burst into tears. I had nowhere to escape. Call my mother, and anyone else I was ashamed. I could only hope that he's just drunk and no longer will I have. Although I hope it was very weak. I imagined that I will have the whole summer sex. Most likely it will.
I went into the shower, washed off the blood and semen, turned the make-up (my beautician has somehow been in a bath. Looking in the mirror, I noticed a bruise on his temple with bruises. I felt incredibly sorry for myself.
I left the bathroom, Cyril was lying on the bed and podrachival.
- That's better. Well, today I'm going to fuck you all night with short breaks. So get ready. This will be the worst night of your life ...
To be continued.
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P.S. the real story.

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The night really was the worst in my life. Cyril fucked me all night, and in all holes. I could not fall asleep at all, because the whole body is still sore. Finally, early in the morning, he got tired. All obkonchennaya I finally dozed off, but as soon as I fell asleep, he woke me up a sharp slap in the face and sent into the bath. It is with great effort got up and went to take a shower. Going into the shower, I burst into tears again. I wanted to kill myself right now. I've even come up with a way to strangle himself with a shower hose, but then the door opened and in walked a bath Kirill.
- Well, you're here for a long time will pan out, bitch? - He came to me and started sharp, rough movements to rub my body, and then his eyes focused on the heart, he took a shower with holder and told me to lie down in the missionary position. What was useless to resist, I realized the night before.
As I expected, he began to insert the shower in my vagina. I screamed in pain, shower hard not climb back. I cried, begged him to stop, the pain was unbearable.
- Well, then, bitch, let's agree - Cyril started - if you do not do what I say, I'll make sure that you ebala whole village. Clear?
I nodded. I even liked it when I was kid, I loved almost half a year, but if I will have to fuck thirty people, though it is not known what age and financial situation. When thinking about this, I started, and decided that I would do whatever I tell Cyril, since there is no alternative.
- I'm glad we understand each other. Well, now I want you to shut up!
I paused. He continued to push in my shower. Finally, when I had choked on his own tears, "head" soul came into me completely. This did not stop Cyril and shoved me also a pen that came already relatively easy. Then for a moment he left the room and returned with a vibrator in the hands of enormous size, which stuck me in the ass. I was afraid to scream, so continued to silently cry out in pain and shame. The most disgusting thing I knew I was good in spite of the pain.
Kirill, meanwhile, told me again to sit down on his knees and suck him. This time I tried, but he again began to fuck me in the mouth. I gasped. Finally, he finished in my mouth. Cum taste was disgusting, but I dutifully swallowed it.
- Well done, good bitch! - He said, and with a force pulled me out of the shower and the vibrator at the same time. I'm forgetting everything, she screamed in pain.
We used to come out of the bathroom, he told me to lie down beside him on the bed (Linen he apparently changed while I was in the shower one). He told me to just sleep in his arms. Despite the fact that he was disgusted with me to the horror, I was very happy because he will not have me in the next five minutes.
We lay down on the bed, he hugged me to her, and began to stroke the head and to impose such a voice in which the mother sings a lullaby to her newborn, loved the baby:
- Fear not, Kami. If you're a good slut, then everything will be fine. I have nothing wrong with you do not. Just a little poizvraschatsya, what's wrong with that? You know, life has always been not spravidliva me, my foster parents are always fucked me. Stepmother, stepfather ... Then they did put me out of the house, and I went to work. Usually, my body is bought by women over forty ... And then ... then I met Leroux, and then you. You know, Kami, in your eyes I saw such a pure sincere love. Hmm, you tried to build from a lewd whore. That, in fact, you and I are interested in. I honestly did not expect that you will Tselkov. However, it is for the better. I enjoyed it so much differentiate amongst your suffering ...
Saying all this in a voice full of tenderness, he was still smiling. And I cried. I hated it every part of her exhausted body.
I woke up from what Cyril again began to twist my nipples. I began to quietly whine in pain.
- Oh, wake up! Quickly suck!
A couple of nice "good morning"... There was nothing, I started to suck. I gently and carefully, trying not to offend a member of his teeth, swallowing it, and his hands pawing testicles. I sucked for a long time. Then he pulled out a member and finished on my face. He told me not to close his mouth. Then he put my cock in her mouth again and began to piss. I burst into tears. Such humiliation I have not experienced. I was extremely disgusted. Piss in my mouth, he put me dick in pussy and began to piss. It was really awful. Piss, he began to fuck me again and again finished on face. Then he took from the nightstand camera and took a few photos of my face, vagina, ass, tits and me entirely. Putting the camera into place, it is a couple of minutes went to the kitchen and brought a tablespoon and a cup with a spoon and started to shoot cum on my face, pouring it into a cup. After he made me drink this "drink". After urine, semen no longer seemed so nasty and I dutifully drank all ...
To be continued.
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P.S. the real story.

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The sky, the sky, the atmosphere ...
I was stunned by the sky,
Well, with this strong sun
I just want to fight ... ...
Wrapped around his legs,
Install, and then - to leave ...
Let flies lotoshnym ball ...
(Rather accept small ...)
Too hot (smeyusya) -
I burned all ... Marusya.
As I now live in the world? ..
(Crying, and - ballet jumping).
Ah, some water to me some water ...
All the sweat indecent ...
All black red mane ...
Maybe I'm too playful? ..
A strange dance in the meadow ...
Spectator - penechki on rabbit ...
Well then, I ... - .. I put on?

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I must say that I am an ardent fan of women's asses) My Fetish
This happened after the physical training lesson. This was the last lesson, I was forced to wash the hall, it was us as a punishment for the lack of spare shoes. Well, I'm good with words, I recalled the charter, each student ... school, seen without a change of shoes in sport. Hall, become extraordinary duty.
Domyvaya hall corner of my eye I noticed that one of my classmates was late and only came out of the locker room, taking into account that all "our" 20 minutes before they left the school. It's a girl I really liked, especially in sportswear, white tank top, tight red pants (what her ass, with the current one as it tore my shorts pepper). And here, I could not restrain himself, he threw a mop and bucket in kandeyku and rushed after her.
She walked slowly, and that - that made the phone, I ran up to her and started a conversation (we had very friendly relations). I stared at the edge of the two halves of its priests, who appetizing transship and treacherously rounded a bend at the hips. As I have it right in the corridor are not fucked, he is now surprised.
We were talking about. Well, then came the moment when I just could not help himself. We went up the stairs, she was walking in front, and I saw in all its glory the delicious ass, which always made me crazy. I'm forgetting everything in the world, with all five fingers clutched in her right buttock and grabbed her around the waist and pulled back, her buttocks fiercely PNE. I had thought that she will cry, but I was wrong, he did not cry, not laugh, it was just on the face of dissatisfaction, but I smile - yet noticed.
I brought it to one of the indoor recreations of our school - there were carried out in our technology. Sam sat on the window sill and began with full force matzo her ass, I did stroking, squeezing and shaking his bread, I do all the very winds that can not be said about my classmate, who looked at me and smiled (I 1 second suspected that the not all right, but after a slap on her ass, I forgot about everything, from my strength that it bore down on me, I moved away, I completely ran it ...
So it took about 15 minutes and I realized that it is necessary to change the strategy. I stopped, looked at her, it was written in her eyes: "Well, that like a jerk." I held her, deftly ran his hand under her shirt, and my hand found herself "fantastic" way to her breast in 2 sizes. She changed in the face, I wasted no time pulled her even more to him and passionately kissed her lips ...
She reciprocated, it was clear when she hugged me. Yes, funny happened loophole of the two men, one sitting on the window sill, clutching his right hand in the ass, caressing the left chest, the second human figure leaning on the "sitting on the windowsill," hugged him and tried to penetrate as deeply as possible into his mouth language. So we were about 20 minutes.
Here proizshlo that was not in my plans, she pushed me away and caught her hand on my crotch and ran to the exit. I was so stunned that only looked at the two halves, lively skedaddle farther away from me ...
To be continued…

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Hallo !!! Well again I fontat spontaneous thoughts, but they are thoughtful. +) Hope ...
Article as always on the fan =)
Well sobsna =
What is love? How to recognize it? How to feel?
This is not a rhetorical question! This question from the category of philosophy, and equal to the eternal questions of life !!!
Oh, many, seeing the affectionate gaze guy or a girl, saying: "This is love!".
How did it happen???
Looking at the history of mankind and listening bard love songs, ballads, poetry reading, you know that love is not just a fact
slippery look or accidentally thrown phrase complement !!!
I do not deny that there is love at first sight, it is quite clear how the man looking into the eyes of its halves, the whole consciousness
It tends to her / him, and wants to always be around, and pleasure, joy.
Still, how to say the following sentence: "I love, I love her!" ???
Oh, I'm not just thinking about it. Love manifests itself differently in each person individually.
Yes, something crappy to me it's like to write something, okay, since undertaken, bringing the end of the dot.
Yes, I tell her half the words I love you hard, hard for me. Why?
There are people without nravstennosti, tell them the phrase I love you, how do Neh.
I am in this great phrase ooooochen invest a lot !!!
What exactly? Think about the reader.
In saying this phrase, the person (loving you), he / she begins to trust all the hidden (I'm not in terms of wealth), opens up the soul, and you should - Treat please
my phrases with ponimaniem- YOU must preserve the purity of the soul, that you opened, she / he opened / a soul to be
with you, to let you in my heart, share your sorrow, joy.
Hmm. =) Honestly, the reader, me after his own words, it was insanely good ...
More's thought. I somehow said, love is expensive and the time should be a lot.
I was in a stupor such phrases are introduced.
Sam, the reader, think of such people who speak these phrases have a sincere love ???
Just, in other words, saying, love, true, sincere, mutually, can not schedule !!!
It comes unexpectedly, and you think, is not it wonderful?
Well, yes, a man, or rather, the human soul is a flower, it grows, blossoms.
And love, it is the water, feeding, this flower !!!
How to drop, falling unexpectedly drop !!! And you see how malleable this flower drop !!!
He, flower, waiting for this drop, waiting for !!!
Man, this beast, which drowns itself in everyday life, forget about everything in the world, and then in the sunset years said: "I have lived life, and did not like !!! As well ??? I know! ALL !!! blame. "
Of course, all the blame, but other than that man! Why so?
Why think about it in old age, and not think of them?
Right now, sit down and think.
Honestly, it does not take a lot of energy and effort.
Just poraskinte thoughts ...
And who said that it is easy? =)))
I do not write a lot, and it is my thoughts, you can not agree.
Simply, I want people to treat serious about this ...
Love - a gift of God, and they can not be used in achieving selfish ends, honestly, think about it.
Be honest with yourself and in front of her, his half.
And some say is "people", in front of this type
(Sincere love) it is necessary to work up, to feel the taste of life.
Believe me, if you find that / of which / th were looking for, you feel, the taste, the real, the righteous life, and
you'll be for it vozgrazhdeny.
As one of the great actor, "Old age, it pays you lived a life!".
I hope everything will be read correctly interpreted.

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